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Hand Protection

All you need to know about hand protection to keep you and your workforce safe.

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Ten Good Reasons choose the right safety gloves

Hands are the most vulnerable part of the body.
Protect them.

The Importance of Hand Protection

In the workplace a person's hands are the most vulnerable part of the body; they are the only area of the body that are actively put into or near high risk areas. You need to do your job, but you need to keep your hands safe as well.

Handling injuries were the number one cause of time off in 2013 (RIDDOR). In 2010/11 there were a reported 2,987 incidents reported that resulted in 3 days or more absence. These injuries were sustained "through cuts from sharp/coarse material or equipment or from trapped fingers". To help reduce the risk of handling injuries to your employees it is important that the correct glove is being used.

Expert Advice

If you require support regarding glove use on your site, this may be validation of the current gloves in use, recommendations for new processes or just help with cost down initiatives, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a Technical Sales Specialist for gloves and hand protection experts available to assess your site specific needs and recommend the most suitable hand protection. To arrange an appointment please call your local Arco branch.

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How are gloves tested?

The new Arco Product Assurance laboratory contains a range of test equipment to allow tests to be carried out for the mechanical testing of gloves to the requirements of EN 388:2003, Protective gloves against mechanical risks. Tests can be conducted to measure a glove's resistance to abrasion, blade cuts, tear and puncture. Where necessary it is possible to measure cut resistance beyond cut level 5 to International ISO Standard ISO 13997.

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Our Range of Gloves

Chemical Protection

Any substance which would irritate, inflame or burn the skin is classed as a chemical hazard. Some substances can cause the skin to become sensitised over a period of time while others have a more immediate and painful effect whether total immersion or merely splash is involved.

Arco supply a range of chemical protection gloves which are ideal for janitorial or more industrial tasks. All styles have additional features such as added liners for comfort and enhanced grip patterns to ensure products are as comfortable and effective as possible.

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Thermal Protection

Thermal hazards come in many forms. Heat can be radiated and conducted, or it may be actual flames. Cold can be caused by anything from cold water to frozen gases. It is important to understand the type of hazard and the temperature involved in order to recommend suitable protection.

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Specialist Handling

A series of gloves designed for unique and specialist requirements including vibration dampening, electrical insulation puncture resistance and sharps protection.

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Mechanical Handling

Mechanical hazards are associated with the handling of rough or sharp objects which could abrade, cut or pierce the skin such as glass, thin metal sheet and masonry blocks. We offer a range of gloves and many combinations of liners and coatings so that you can choose the correct one for your application.

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