The new PPE Regulation to replace the pre-existing PPE Directive from the EU Parliament, Council and Commission, came into force on the 21st April 2016 and will apply to the entire Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supply chain.


To help you understand what this means to you, we have produced an expert guide to summarise the actions businesses need to take.


The UK has one of the best combined health and safety records in the World, and the new PPE Regulation stands to enhance this further by providing industry with a major opportunity to raise standards of PPE equipment throughout the entire supply chain. The main challenge will be to make these opportunities a reality but with pro-active support from the industry, it is certainly achievable.


Here at Arco, we take the issue of PPE quality very seriously and are the only distributor in the UK to have invested in developing our own product assurance laboratory for the rigorous testing of products.  All of Arco's own-brand products already comply with the obligation laid down by the EU Parliament, and we therefore welcome the tightened regulation to enhance responsibility throughout the PPE supply chain.


One of the positive outtakes from the new regulation is that it will become mandatory for all EU member states to comply, therefore helping to eliminate the availability of inferior products on the market.