Reduce costs and increase productivity whilst remaining safe with Arco Vending


Managing PPE and other indirect consumables can be time consuming and labour intensive. Our point of work solution gives employees access to the right products 24/7.



Do you experience any of the following common challenges with PPE Supply?


  • Uncontrolled usage
  • No/limited traceability of PPE issued to employees
  • Incorrect PPE being used
  • Poor inventory controls
  • Senior staff tasked with issuing PPE
  • Cash tied up in excess inventory
  • Unavailability of PPE outside of normal stores opening hours



Arco Vending offers the following benefits


  • Consumption reduction of up to 40%
  • Reduction in theft and misuse of PPE
  • Full audit trail of all items vended
  • Intuitive real time reporting
  • User product rules ensure only items approved for use can be vended
  • Full vendor managed inventory
  • Point of work solution
  • 24/7 availability of products
  • Increased productivity

The Arco Helix Vending Machine

A rugged, versatile and easy to use automated dispenser which tracks, manages and controls PPE and other indirect consumables usage at the point of work. Designed to deliver outstanding performance even in harsh environments.


Items are dispensed through the helical system which is reliable and easy to configure. We will work closely with you to ensure that your vending machines are configured in the most efficient way possible to dispense your PPE requirements.

Quick and simply , point of work access 24 hours a day

1. Scan key card or enter pin on the key pad.

2. Input the product code using the keypad to dispense items.

3. Items are dispensed ready for collection.

Asset Locker


An innovative way to manage, track and control a wide range of products. Traditional asset management solutions are labour intensive and rely on manual paper based systems, which offer limited control or traceability. This can lead to theft, misuse and damage as well as missed checks, charges and calibrations.


Our durable lockers allow for larger items to be stored securely and then dispensed 24 hours a day. All our lockers have features that can be configured to your needs, providing a bespoke solution.


Inventory Management Solution


We can arrange to fill your machine at intervals that are appropriate for your usage. Stock management will be undertaken by our dedicated support team of Inventory Management Coordinators and Customer Service Advisors.


With our network across the UK and Ireland, we will visit your sites and restock your machines. Our Trajectory Software lets our team know exactly how much stock is needed for replenishment.


Trajectory Reporting

Detailed information, the way you want it, anytime, anywhere.


When using an automated system, we understand that you need to easily collect data from each stage of the process.


Arco vending machines automatically update providing real time figures, allowing for accurate data to be extracted. Reports can be pulled at a business overview level or filtered to an individual level. Our self-service reporting systems allow you access to the following reports and many more:


  • Consumption
  • Product location
  • Transaction details
  • Usage summary
  • Device level
  • Inventory total


Support and Aftercare


At Arco we believe in supporting you throughout the life of your contract. Our Vending Solutions Team aim to provide a dedicated service for each of our customers and support in all areas. Our experienced team will work in partnership with you to ensure that the best possible service is provided.


Call 01482 383267 or Email: to discuss your vending Solution