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  • Code:2720402
    Just a single dose of Deb Estesol FX Power foam is enough to clean hands thoroughly, but you’ll need the specifically designed Deb Estesol FX Power foam dispenser to ensure you’re getting the right amount of handwash. Sealed and lockable, this wall-mounted dispenser is incredibly hygienic, especially since the main button is coated in BioCote. As part of Deb’s Cleanse range, products used in this dispenser should be preceded by Skin Protection creams and followed by items from the Sanitise and Restore ranges for an all-round hygiene routine.

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    • Handwash dispenser
    • Specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Deb Estesol FX 1L handwash cartridges
    • Sealed and lockable, ensuring no contaminants can reach contents
    • Button is coated in BioCote to reduce the spread of bacteria and growth of mould
    • Dimensions: 230mm x 120mm x 130mm
  • Code:2720800
    Add a little bit of luxury to your hygiene routine with Deb Stoko Refresh rose foam, a silky-smooth rich foam that cleans and moisturises skin. Surprisingly, this foam handwash is soap-free, which ensures your skin’s natural pH-levels stay balanced no matter how frequently you wash your hands. Plus, with a blend of glycerine added to the formula, your skin will stay moisturised.

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    • Luxurious silky-smooth foam soap with a pleasant floral fragrance
    • Soap-free formulation does not unbalance the skin’s natural pH value
    • Contains glycerine to prevent drying and keep skin smooth
    • Quick and exceedingly easy to use
    • This handwash is certified by EU Ecolabel to ensure this product has met high environmental standards throughout its lifecycle
    • Designed to help you meet your sustainability targets

    Great For…
    Washrooms / offices / education / nurseries / public facilities / healthcare / care homes
  • Code:2720900
    Get hygienic, hydrated hands with Deb Stoko antimicrobial handwash foam. Created specifically for work environments where high levels of hygiene are preferred, this Deb foam hand wash will leave your hands moisturised and incredibly clean. Meanwhile, humectants ensure your skin stays soft, smooth and nourished.

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    • Rich, creamy foam soap with a pleasant perfume scent
    • Contains humectants and moisturiser to ensure your skin remains smooth and nourished
    • Foam reacts with microbes in a way that will not induce microbial resistance
    • Deb Foam Technology ensures a quick lather
    • Suitable for any environment where a high level of hygiene is preferred or compulsory
  • Code:2721000
    Take workplace hygiene efficiency to the next level with the Deb Proline Curve transparent handwash dispenser. This unique sealed-cartridge dispenser features clear sides that enable you to see exactly how much handwash is left from any angle, so you don’t have to worry about soap wastage.

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    • Handwash dispenser
    • Releases economically measured amounts to ensure the perfect dose of Deb foam handwash
    • Large button makes this dispenser simple to use
    • Transparent sides allow you to accurately measure how much handwash is left
    • Easy to wipe down and keep clean
    • Dispenser is sealed to prevent contents being contaminated
    • Dispenser cartridges sold separately
  • Code:2721100
    The Deb InstantFOAM alcohol-free hand sanitiser dispenser is specifically designed to hold one-litre cartridges of InstantFOAM hand sanitiser. Wipeable and with clear instructions, this dispenser is sure to be a simple yet critical addition to your workplace.

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    • Hand sanitiser dispenser
    • Releases measured amounts to ensure the ideal dose of InstantFOAM alcohol-free hand sanitiser
    • Large button and clear instructions make this dispenser simple to use
    • Easy to wipe down and keep clean
    • Dispenser cartridges sold separately

    Part of campaign: CMPN000022
  • Code:2721400
    Deb Cutan Complete foam hand sanitiser has been formulated specifically for easy, on-the-go hand disinfection. Supplied in a small, pocket-sized canister, the alcohol-based foam is fully viricidal and bactericidal, and you can use it without the need for water or other liquids making it incredibly convenient.

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    • Alcohol-based hand disinfectant ideal for quick use
    • Fully viricidal and bactericidal
    • Free from perfumes, dyes and colourants
    • No need for water or rinsing

    Get technical...
    EN 12791: 2005
    EN 1500: 2013

    Great for...
  • Code:2759800
    Suitable for use with 1L Deb handwash cartridges, this Deb Proline soap dispenser is ideal for bathrooms, as well as for kitchens and medical facilities. Crafted from sleek, easy-to-clean ABS plastic, this dispenser features an ‘easy-push’ button, designed to ensure the dispenser isn’t pulled off the wall, and to release the perfect dosage of handwash. The dispenser also features a small window that allows the user to visually see how much soap is left, lowering the chances of it becoming empty.

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    • Wall-mounted soap dispenser crafted from tough ABS plastic and designed for use with 1L Deb handwash cartridges
    • Sleek and professional design with a large ‘easy-push’ button that releases the perfect dosage of soap to clean hands without being wasteful
    • Smooth finish ensures this dispenser is easy to clean
    • Shuts tightly and locks securely to reduce contamination and tampering
    • Features a window that allows users to visibly check soap levels in the dispenser
    • Suitable for use in a variety of work environments

    Great for...
    Offices / catering / hospitality / healthcare / education / public facilities
  • Code:2760103
    Deb Stokoderm Aqua PURE pre-work cream is a unique blend of skin-friendly, nourishing ingredients sure to create a hydrophobic barrier on your hands. This prevents contaminants from deeply penetrating the skin, a handy precaution to have whether you’re using gloves or not. Since the cream is so kind to skin as well, you can also use Deb Aqua Pure cream on your face, even if you have particularly sensitive skin.

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    • Hydrophobic hand cream
    • Cream forms a robust hydrophobic barrier, stopping contaminants from penetrating the skin
    • Multi-phase formulation protects skin against water-based substances
    • Hypoallergenic and friendly to skin’s natural pH balance
    • Free of perfumes and dyes, for individuals who are sensitive to such additions
    • Contains bisabolol, an ingredient in camomile, that conditions the skin and supports regeneration
    • Contains hamamelis, to reduce inflammation and redness
    • Also suitable for facial application
    • Silicon-free and proven not to taint foodstuff
    • Can be used with latex, nitrile, vinyl and neoprene gloves
    • Can be used with alcohol-based hand disinfectants
  • Code:2760109
    Maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace can be difficult, but with the Deb Stoko Skin Hygiene board with Wash and Sanitise dispensers you’ll provide that extra boost of encouragement and motivation. On the left, you’ll find a cleanse antimicrobial dispenser, while on the right there’s a Sanitise dispenser, ensuring a two-pronged attack on germs. Both dispensers are coated in BioCote, which inhibits the spread of bacteria and moulds, so your workers can focus on keeping their hands clean with no worries about cross-contamination.

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    • Dispenser board with clear instructions for workers
    • Features one antimicrobial cleanser dispenser and one sanitiser dispenser
    • Dimensions: 560mm x 500mm
  • Code:2760112
    For economical, effective and enjoyable hand washing, try Deb Refresh Clear cleanse foam soap. This silky-smooth foam has been created to thoroughly clean hands without being harsh. In fact, the foam soap contains no ingredients or perfumes that could irritate sensitive skin, and instead has glycerine to moisturise your hands during use. Due to the gentle formula, this Deb soap also has no impact on foodstuff and so can be used in kitchens.

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    • Soft, luxurious foam soap with moisturising glycerine for a pleasing handwashing experience
    • Hypoallergenic, so is perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin
    • Soap-free formula with pH balance that ensures the skin’s natural bacteria remains stable
    • Free of perfumes and dyes, making this foam perfect for those sensitive to such additions
    • Tested by the HACCP to ensure the foam does not taint foodstuff
    • Exceedingly economical, with up to 43% more handwashes per bottle than standard lotion soap
    • This hand soap is certified by EU Ecolabel to ensure this product has met high environmental standards throughout its lifecycle
    • Designed to help you meet your sustainability targets
    • Suitable for rubber production processes as has no effect on vulcanisation

    Great For…
    Washrooms / nurseries / healthcare / care homes / food service
  • Code:2760113
    Wash the workday away with Deb Estesol hair and body wash, a kind and cleansing, soap-free wash perfect for industrial showers. This mild yet thorough Deb body wash is created to wash away grime and dirt without knocking your skin’s pH balance off, so you can use it repeatedly with no worries. There isn’t even any silicon in the formula, so even those of you working with paints and other surface coating processes can use the Estesol body wash.

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    • Hair and body wash
    • Estesol hair and body wash is formulated using an effective yet kind blend of cleansing agents
    • Soap-free and mixed to ensure pH value does not affect the skin
    • Silicon-free, so can be used on production sites with paint and surface coating processes
    • ‘Rainforest’ fragrance creates a refreshing, light scent but doesn’t linger after use
    • Suitable for rubber production sites as does not affect vulcanisation process
    • This hair and body wash is certified by EU Ecolabel to ensure this product has met high environmental standards throughout its lifecycle
    • Designed to help you meet your sustainability targets
  • Code:2760700
    Featuring a unique DoubleDOSE pump, Deb Stoko OxyBAC ExtraFOAM antimicrobial wash gives that little bit more when it comes to cleaning and cleansing. The rich, creamy, moisturising foam is packed full of humectants and is hypoallergenic, ensuring that it is powerful yet gentle on the skin. It has even been certified by HACCP, making this soap ideal for areas where food is present and highly convenient hygiene solutions are required.

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    • Hypoallergenic handwash
    • Contains accelerated hydrogen peroxide, which works to eliminate up to 99.999% of common bacteria and 99.99% of common yeast and viruses
    • Utilises a DoubleDOSE pump for more powerful cleansing and antimicrobial action
    • Does not induce microbial resistance
    • Rich, creamy foam is hypoallergenic and conditions skin due to a blend of humectants
    • Certified by the HACCP not to taint foodstuffs

    Get technical...
    BS EN 1276: 1997
    EN 14476
    EN 1499
    EN 1650

    Great for...
    Food manufacturing / catering / food processing / food service
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