Brand Your Clothing
Brand Your Clothing

Over two million garments branded last year

Our knowledge and experience ensure you get exactly what you want.

Consistent quality

We work hard to ensure consistent, top quality, branded garments.

Ethically sourced

Arco are proud to be a member of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) and ensure that all of our goods are ethically sourced.

How do I place a branded order?

e-mail your local office Lookup the fax number of your local office

To ensure we get your order correct, All badging must come through in writing. Simply fax or email what you would like to your local branch who will get back to you with a quote and information on how to proceed.

For account customers it's even simpler. We have an online badging service that guides you through, step by step.

Already have an Arco account?

If you have an existing Arco account, any decorated garments we produce can be ordered again using a Decorated Garment code which we will provide you.

These codes can be added to your purchasing lists and will display on the product pages to make future ordering quicker and easier.

To get new decorated garments set up please contact your local office.

Don't have an Arco account?

If you don't currently hold a credit account with Arco, don't worry! We can still provide you with our wide range of products and badging offers. To take advantage, simply email or fax your local office with the details and they'll provide you with a price and any information you will require.

Interested in taking advantage of the added benefits of an Arco account? Fill out a credit application form and you'll be enjoying the benefits in no time.

Credit account application form

As easy as one, two, three...

Brand Your Clothing

Supply your logo

You can send us an electronic file, such as an eps or jpeg or send us a printed version like a letterhead or business card and we'll create a template.

Brand Your Clothing

Choose the position

There are a number of places you can have your logo or name. We can provide a guide showing you exactly where, or talk to us about your specific requirements

Brand Your Clothing

Approval and delivery

Before we go ahead and badge your workwear, we'll send you a sample swatch for approval. Once you're happy, we'll finish the order and deliver it to you.

and that's not all...

Wearer Packing

All decorated garments, plus any additional footwear, can be specifically packed for your employees. We will fully label and send directly to the individual wearer or department, the choice is yours.

Why get an Arco credit account?

  • view your order history online

    Online Order Tracking

    Access all account orders online whether they were placed through the trade counter, office or through the Arco website.

  • order branded items online

    Branded Clothing

    If you regularly order uniform, we can configure special codes to use online. This allows you to order your garments quickly and easily through the Arco website.

  • create purchasing lists online

    Online Purchasing Lists

    To make finding a product easier, account customers can create online lists of their favourite or most often ordered products making future ordering a breeze.

  • save time and the environment by viewing invoices online

    Access Invoices Online

    Although Arco send out paper invoices, you can save time (and the environment) by accessing your invoices online from the moment they've been generated.

  • Multiple Payment options

    Payment Options

    Account customers can pay by payment card, BACS transfer, or cheque.

  • view negotiated pricing online

    Negotiated Pricing

    Have a large order? We can arrange a quote and apply it to your online account allowing you to order when it's convenient for you.


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