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  • Code:1130100
    Sanisafe Alcogel is an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel that can kill up to 99.999% of common germs. Suitable for use in areas where food is prepared, this hand gel is a fantastic alternative to traditional hand soaps when water is not readily available or preferred.

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    • Gel hand sanitiser ideal for areas where water is not preferred or readily available
    • Features 70% alcohol and kills up to 99.999% of common germs
    • Certified to reduce the amount of transient microbial flora, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, left on the hands following usage
    • Non-sticky and fragrance-free
    • Can be used in areas where food is present

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    EN 1500: 2013

    Part of campaign: CMPN000015, CMPN000020
  • Code:2721850
    This alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel is ideal for on-the-go hand cleansing, especially when there is no soap and water readily available. Blended from a formula containing 70% alcohol, this gel works to remove bacteria and viruses swiftly.

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    • Alcohol-based hand cleanser gel formulated to make maintaining hand hygiene throughout the day easier
    • Formula features 70% alcohol for a thorough clean
    • Highly effective against bacteria and viruses
    • For use when soap and water is unavailable
    • 1L is supplied with a dispensing pump

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    EN 1500: 2013
    EN 14476: 2013
  • Code:1111000
    The H-WASH 45 handwashing station is built specifically for workplaces and outdoor locations that don’t have water or hygiene facilities readily available. Crafted from lightweight recycled plastic, this unit is supplied with a soap dispenser, a waste bin and a paper towel dispenser, so users can quickly and easily freshen up when necessary. Perhaps the best thing about this unit though is the water, which is fed from a large 45L tank and can be activated by a foot pedal, ensuring hands-free operation.

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    • Handwashing station crafted from 70% recycled plastic
    • Incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre into place
    • Suitable for areas with large amounts of foot traffic
    • Can be situated outdoors
    • Provides hands-free water via a foot-pedal
    • Does not require plumbing as the system is self-contained
    • One full 45L tank can provide up to 225 handwashes, with 20 seconds of water each time
    • Contaminated water is drained into a removeable 25L collection drum
    • Supplied with a soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, 25L waste-water collection drum and waste bin
    • Total weight without water and consumables: 25kg
    • Dimensions: 590mm x 1623mm x 470mm
  • Code:111101
    For decades, 3M has concentrated on creating sustainable floor pads that deliver incredible cleaning results consistently, no matter how often they are used. These Scotch-Brite floor pads are the result of this research and are sure to make cleaning floors easier than ever before. Washable, reusable and durable, these cleaning pads are ideal for scrubbing floors as they conform to surfaces with ease, all while remaining resistant to clogging and tearing.

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    • Ideal for thoroughly scrubbing and cleaning sealed floors
    • Highly resistant to clogging and tears
    • Flexible while remaining durable and long-lasting
    • Conforms to floors to significantly reduce vibration and improve cleaning performance
    • Thickness: 25.4mm
  • Code:1111100
    The H-WASH SS hand sanitiser station is built specifically for places that don’t have water or specially designed hygiene facilities readily available. Crafted from lightweight recycled plastic, this unit features an intelligently designed compartment that houses 5L sanitiser cartridges, as well as spaces for paper towels or antibacterial wipes and a waste bin.

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    • Hand sanitising station crafted from 70% recycled plastic
    • Incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre into place, with a footprint of just 300mm x 300mm
    • Suitable for areas with large amounts of foot traffic
    • Features an integrated hand sanitiser compartment suitable for 5L hand sanitiser gel
    • H-Wash dispensing nozzle connects directly to 5L cartridges with a 38mm neck
    • Also hosts an integrated paper towel or sanitising wipes dispenser (Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm x 190mm)
    • Supplied with a waste bin
    • Total weight without consumables: 10kg
    • Dimensions: 300mm x 1530mm x 300mm
  • Code:1111200
    The H-WASH Shouldersink is a compact handwashing station built specifically for people on the move. Incredibly lightweight and portable, this station features a clean-water tank, soap, 120m of paper towel, hand sanitiser gel and a waste bin, so you have everything you need to maintain high levels of hygiene. Yet, this unit remains light enough to be carried using the shoulder strap or it can be fixed to a wall or inside your vehicle using the H-Wash wall bracket.

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    • Handwashing station designed to be as portable as possible
    • Incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
    • Features a shoulder for use on the move
    • Can be secured to vehicle doors or to walls
    • Supplied with 120m of paper towel for drying hands, as well as a waste bin for disposing of used towels
    • Integrated 5L water tank provides enough water for twenty handwashes or can run for six minutes
    • Compartment for soaps or hand sanitiser
    • Total weight without consumables: 7.5kg
    • Dimensions: 360mm (or 460mm with hose attached) x 175mm x 320mm
  • Code:1120400
    Supplied in a patented, ergonomically designed dispenser bag, these ColourSafe QRD Elite wet and dry wipes are remarkably hygienic, versatile and customisable. Four hundred wipes are sanitarily stored within a sealed QRD dispenser, which features a twist-nozzle through which you can add your own cleaning solutions. Once this is complete, simply use your bespoke wipes to tackle the task at hand.

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    • Extremely versatile wipes that can be used wet or dry
    • Supplied dry, so that you can add your own solution of choice using the patented twist-nozzle
    • Depending on your solution preferences, these wipes can eliminate a plethora of bacteria on hard surfaces
    • Dry wipes are HACCP-compliant and suitable for environments with food
    • Supplied in an innovative QRD dispensing system, which improves hygiene and is significantly more cost-effective due to a reduction in space and waste packaging
    • Each wipe measures 200mm x 200mm
    • Each QRD dispenser contains 400 wipes
  • Code:1120500
    Specifically designed for cleaning jobs in hygiene-sensitive areas, these Arco medium-duty antibacterial cleaning cloths are ideal for environments where both safety and cleanliness are paramount. Supplied in large quantities, these antibacterial cloths are sure to last a long while before they need to be replaced, so you can rely on them to help you get the job done again and again.

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    • Versatile and hygienic cleaning cloths
    • One box contains 300 cloths
    • Each antibacterial cloth measures 300mm x 500mm

    Part of campaign: CMPN000022
  • Code:1120900
    GrimeEez tool, hand and surface wipes are a versatile, convenient, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional sprays or less powerful wipes. Supplied in a highly portable quick-release dispenser pack, these heavy-duty cleaning wipes stay fresh for lengthy periods of time, so you can remove grease, dirt, oil and other substances from multiple surfaces whenever necessary. Plus, since each wipe features integral anti-bacterial formulas, you can be sure that surfaces are left clean and hygienic after use.

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    • Heavy-duty wet wipes ideal for removing grease, dirt, oils and non-cured petroleum-based products
    • Supplied in a highly portable, ready-to-use pack
    • Features a quick-release dispenser for improved hygiene and lifespan, which contributes towards meeting sustainability and environmental objectives
    • Each wipe features anti-bacterial properties that leaves surfaces clean and hygienic
  • Code:1121100
    Uniwipe sanitising surface wipes are ideal for a wide variety of challenging tasks, as they not only remove dirt but also kill bacteria with ease. The low-linting fabric used to construct these wipes features a formula that is incredibly fast-acting, eliminating bacteria swiftly and leaving your surfaced clean, safe and grime-free.

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    • Sanitising surface wipes crafted from low-lint fabric and featuring a fast-acting formula
    • Bacteria kill rate of 99.99%
    • Effective against several virus-causing bacteria
    • Effective in just sixty seconds
    • Kills COVID19 enveloped viruses in 30 seconds
    • These wipes trap dirt and kill bacteria with ease, leaving the surface safe and free from grime
    • Works to reduce the chance of cross-contamination
    • Suitable for frequent commercial and domestic use
    • Alcohol-free and safe on skin
    • Each wipe measures 200mm x 200mm
    • One pack contains 200 wipes

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    BS EN 14476: 2013 + A2:2019
    EN 13727: 2015
    EN 1276: 2019
    EN 16615
    EN 14561
    EN 13697
    EN 13624
    EN 16777
  • Code:1121000
    Whatever it is you need to clean, these Arco diamond wipes are sure to help you get the job done, especially as each roll contains an incredible 700 sheets. Crafted from a lightweight, non-woven viscose polyester blend, these cloths are ideal for general purpose, light cleaning and are available in multiple colours for colour-coded environments.

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    • Wiping cloths provided on a roll for convenience
    • Perfect for general purpose light cleaning tasks
    • Crafted from a lightweight, non-woven viscose polyester blend with an over-printed diamond pattern
    • Colour-coded for colour-coded work environments
    • Each cloth measures 180mm x 230mm
    • Each roll contains 700 sheets
  • Code:1121200
    Clean dirty surfaces, items and even hands with these incredibly versatile UltraGrime Pro Multiuse wipes. Each one of the extra-large, extra-strong wipes uses a powerful formula to lift dirt and clean grime from surfaces, as well as protect hands all in one swift action, even if the wipe has been removed from the packet for over an hour. In fact, you could leave the lid off the packet of these wipes for days and the cloths would remain ready to clean tools, surfaces, hands and more.

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    • Multipurpose wet wipes crafted from super strong yet soft cloth-like fabric
    • Lifts, cleans and protects all in one easy action
    • Suitable for use on all surfaces and ideal for removing oil, ink, grease, paint and silicone
    • Alcohol-free formula is dermatologically tested and proven to be kind to skin
    • Features vitamin E and aloe extract help protect the skin
    • Each wipe can stay wet and usable for over an hour after being removed from the pack
    • Even if the lid is left open for days, these wipes won’t dry out
    • Contains antibacterial agents
    • Each cloth wipe is extra-large, measuring 380mm x 250mm
    • One pack contains 100 wipes

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    BS EN 1276

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