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Eye Wash Cabinets

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  • Code:55H0830
    With a convenient, practical and clever design, the Hughes portable emergency eye wash system is an ideal solution to a dilemma many workplaces have. When water is not readily available or a fixed eye wash station will not do, the portable eye wash system makes dealing with emergencies much easier. This cabinet is made specifically to house the system when it is not in use and features a Perspex window so the pressure gauge can be visually checked as well as a pull-open door for easy access.

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    • Portable eye wash system cabinet crafted from white glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
    • Portable eye wash system available separately
    • Supplied with an eye wash sign as well as green and white stripes
    • Features a pull-open door that allows easy access but keeps the system safe when not in use
    • Clear Perspex window allows for easy visual inspection of the pressure gauge
    • Ideal for workplaces where a water supply is not readily available, or a fixed station is not optimal

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    Factories / laboratories / telecommunications
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