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  • Code:H008217
    Available in a range of lengths, these Cherry Blossom shoelaces are great for almost any kind of shoe or boot. We all like to take good care of our footwear, which is why high-quality laces that look good and ensure a snug fit are a must, and these Cherry Blossom laces certainly do the job.

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    • Up to 140cm in length (perfect for footwear with up to ten pairs of eyelets to lace)
    • Appropriate for casual, sport or formal footwear
  • Code:652700
    Restoring the appearance of your luscious leather footwear has never been easier thanks to Cherry Blossom black shoe polish. The polish nourishes and protects smooth leather, reducing the risk of unsightly cracking and, worse still, discomfort. This polish will also add plenty of shine to your shoes, so they look smarter for longer.

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    • 50ml tin of black shoe polish restores the appearance of smooth leather footwear
    • Reduces the risk of leather cracking and extends life of shoes
    • To use: remove any surface dirt, apply polish with a brush and allow to dry before buffing
  • Code:H008230
    Grangers G-Wax beeswax shoe dubbin features a traditional wax formula that adds nourishment, protection and shine to leather footwear. Keeping leather conditioned is critical, as dry leather can often be uncomfortable and, perhaps even worse, is more prone to cracking. With the water-repellent and oil-resistant Grangers shoe dubbin though, your leather will stay luscious for longer.

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    • 100ml of G-Wax beeswax shoe dubbin, formulated specifically for leather footwear
    • Nourishes, conditions and protects against water, stains and oils
    • To use: apply up to three thin coats using a clean cloth and allow to dry naturally
  • Code:652900
    Keeping your leather conditioned is important if you want to avoid cracking and discomfort, which is why Cherry Blossom shoe dubbin works to keep your footwear nourished and protected. Formulated from a unique blend of waxes and oils, this dubbin not only conditions but applies a waterproof coating to your footwear.

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    • 50ml of dubbin for smooth leather
    • Conditions, waterproofs and reduces the risk of cracking
    • To use: ensure your shoes are clean before applying the dubbin evenly with a cloth, then allow to dry
  • Code:655300
    Cherry Blossom Handy Shine Lite instant shoe shiner is the saviour smooth leather has been waiting for. Compact, easy-to-use and incredibly effective, this Cherry Blossom shoe shiner will have your smooth leather shoes looking brand new in no time.

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    • Rapidly restores shine to leather footwear
    • Small and compact, perfect for use at home or in the office, as well as on-the-go
    • To use: ensure shoe surface is clean, then simply glide the sponge over the surface for instant shine
  • Code:655900
    When the weather turns, these thermal insoles provide a simple method of making your current pair of safety boots warmer. Supplied in one size, they’re designed to be cut to a bespoke size to suit your footwear. Foam-cushioned backing relieves stress on feet, while the woollen top layer provides warmth and extra comfort.

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    • Woollen top layer for warmth and comfort
    • Foam cushioning relieves stress on feet while walking
    • Designed to be cut to size to create a perfect fit
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