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  • EN 388 - Abrasion 2016

  • EN 388 - Blade Cut 2016

  • EN 388 - Tear 2016

  • EN 388 - Puncture 2016

  • EN 388 - ISO cut 2016

  • EN 388 - Impact 2016

  • EN 388 - Abrasion 2003

  • EN 388 - Blade Cut 2003

  • EN 388 - Tear 2003

  • EN 388 - Puncture 2003

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  • Code:B142676
    The nitrile coating on these Ansell Hynit work gloves offers resistance to abrasion and excellent flexibility. They’re also liquid-repellent to guard against oil, grease and dirt, improving the grip and lifespan of the gloves, and making them ideal for a variety of applications and industries.

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    • Durable safety gloves designed for secure handling
    • Nitrile coating on the palms offers good resistance to abrasion and remarkable flexibility
    • Liquid-repellent to guard against oil, grease and dirt
    • Polycotton liner provides excellent comfort and breathability
    • Silicone-free
    • Antistatic
    • Length: 240-260mm

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    EN 388:2016

    Great for…
    Automotive / construction / logistics / machinery / maintenance / metal fabrication / public utilities / recycling
  • Code:H008192
    When handling small objects in delicate applications, you need a pair of gloves that offers high levels of dexterity. The HyFlex 11-600 mechanical gloves are like a second skin. They offer comfortable, exact handling while protecting both the hands from mechanical hazards, and the product from debris and contamination.

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    • Lightweight safety gloves designed for precise handling
    • Excellent dexterity even when handling small objects
    • Protect products from debris and cross-contamination
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • Polyurethane (PU) palm coating
    • Nylon liner
    • Knitted cuffs offer a snug fit to the wrists
    • 15 gauge
    • Length: 210-260mm

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    EN 388:2016

    Great for…
    Automotive / machinery maintenance / metal fabrication / transport / assembly / material handling
  • Code:H001240
    These powder-free nitrile gloves offer a great-value alternative to similar disposable materials and they’re latex-free which is vital for those with a sensitivity. They’re manufactured from a soft and comfortable material which provides great flexibility and fit, with a textured surface for improved grip.

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    • Nitrile gloves with an exceptionally soft and pliable feel
    • Resistant to micro-organisms and some chemicals
    • Free from latex to reduce the risk of allergies
    • Powder-free to reduce risk of contamination of sensitive products
    • Great fit for excellent comfort
    • Textured fingertips for enhanced grip
    • Suitable for contact with food

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    EN 374-1:2016/Type C K
    EN 374-5:2016

    Great for…
    Automotive / engineering / manufacturing / food manufacturing and preparation / pharmaceutical / laboratory
  • Code:H008200
    Offering fantastic durability and strength, these work gloves are manufactured with a heavy-duty nitrile coating that provides excellent resistance to abrasion and are three times more durable than leather work gloves. They also feature a cotton jersey liner which offers lightweight working comfort and a knitted cuff for a secure fit around the wrist to ensure that the hands are kept free of dirt and debris.

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    • Durable safety gloves designed for secure handling
    • Fantastic durability and strength
    • Offer excellent abrasion resistance
    • Effective barrier against grease and oil
    • Silicone-free
    • Three-quarter nitrile coating leaves the backs of the hands free for breathability
    • Cotton jersey liner for lightweight comfort
    • Knitted cuffs for secure fit around the wrists
    • Antistatic

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    EN 388:2016
    EN 1149

    Great for…
    Automotive / construction / machinery / metal fabrication
  • Code:H000880
    These cotton liner gloves are manufactured from a soft and breathable stringknit material and are designed to be used as a comfortable liner underneath other gloves suited to your application but they can also be worn independently if necessary. The stringknit allows the hands to breathe to prevent the wearer getting hot and sweaty, but these liner gloves are also machine-washable so you can maintain excellent comfort and hygiene whatever the day job.

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    • Able to be worn as a liner or on its own
    • Seamless to avoid skin irritation
    • Cotton stringknit construction allows air to circulate around the hand to reduce perspiration and improve comfort
    • Ambidextrous to avoid need to pair up and for cost-effectiveness
    • Machine-washable at 40°C with no shrinking, stiffening or loss of shape
    • Knitted cuff for secure fit around the wrist
    • Low-level protection against mechanical hazards
    • Length: 215mm

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    EN 388:2016 0.0.2.X.A

    Great for…
    Automotive / chemical / construction / glass handling / logistics and warehousing / machinery and equipment / metal fabrication / transport
  • Code:H008205
    These Ansell sterile nitrile gloves offer splash protection against a range of hazardous chemicals and provide better durability than standard latex gloves. The textured fingertips offer a secure grip, even in wet applications while the long cuffs, finished with a rolled beading, extend protection further up the forearm. Designed for use in laboratory environments, each pair of these sterile gloves is packed separately to maintain hygiene.

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    • Single-use gloves manufactured from nitrile, giving better puncture resistance than standard latex gloves
    • Offers hand protection against a wide range of chemicals
    • Free from latex to help avoid allergies and skin irritation
    • Offers a high level of comfort and protection for the forearms thanks to the longer cuffs
    • Each pair is sterilised and packed separately
    • Rolled beaded cuffs make it easier to get on and off
    • Textured fingertips provide a secure grip
    • Thickness: 0.13mm
    • Length: 300mm
    • Acceptable quality level (AQL): 1.5

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    EN 421:2010
    EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B JKPT
    EN ISO 374-5:2016 Virus

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  • Code:H001094
    With their durable foam nitrile coating on the palms, these Traffi TG535 work gloves provide a high level of protection from abrasions, tears and punctures, plus excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. This leaves the backs uncoated to allow the hands to breathe for great working comfort, while the knitted liners feature no seams which could cause irritation.

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    • Comfortable safety gloves with X-Dura foam nitrile coating on the palms
    • Seamless knitted liner provides excellent comfort
    • Excellent resistance to abrasions, tearing and punctures
    • Mid-level cut resistance
    • Superb grip in wet and dry conditions
    • High-stretch yarn for great fit and dexterity
    • Length: 210-250mm

    Get technical…
    EN 388:2016: 4.X.4.4.C

    Great for…
    Automotive / construction / engineering / manufacturing / metalworking / oil and gas / packaging / utilities
  • Code:H008081
    Providing excellent comfort and dexterity, these HyFlex work gloves feature a seamless liner so there are no irritating seams to affect your productivity, while the palm coating offers an excellent grip and leaves the backs of the hands open to avoid any over-heating.

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    • Durable safety gloves designed for secure handling
    • Seamless 13-gauge knitted construction provides great working comfort
    • Water-based polyurethane (PU) and nitrile coating on the palms
    • Palm coating provides grip while leaving the backs of the hands open for breathability
    • Silicone-free
    • Good resistance to abrasion
    • Mid-level cut resistance
    • Heat resistant up to 100°C
    • Suitable for use with food

    Get technical…
    EN 388:2016 4.X.3.2.B
    EN 407 X.1.X.X.X.X

    Great for…
    Automotive / logistics / maintenance / metal fabrication

    Part of campaign: CMPN000022
  • Code:H008189
    With their outstanding grip performance and excellent dexterity, these chemical-resistant gloves offer high-quality protection when handling a range of industrial chemicals. The nitrile coating is durable and flexible, and also resists bacteria, fungi and viruses. With their safety cuffs that prevent snagging, these protective gloves are perfect for letting you get on with the job in a wide array of workplace applications.

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    • Durable gauntlets comprising a nylon liner with nitrile coating
    • Resistant to a range of chemicals
    • Protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses
    • Good resistance to abrasion
    • Liner is seamless to avoid irritating skin
    • Nitrile offers excellent flexibility and includes Ansell GRIP technology
    • Easy to put on
    • Retain minimal heat compared to other chemical gloves to reduce perspiration
    • Liquid-proof
    • Safety cuffs are designed to prevent snagging
    • Antistatic
    • Silicone-free and suitable for handling food
    • Length: 300mm

    Get technical…
    EN 374-1:2016/Type A JKLOPT
    EN 374-5:2016 Virus
    EN 388:2016

    Great for…
    Automotive / chemical / construction / machinery and equipment / maintenance / metal fabrication
  • Code:H008207
    Ideal for working outdoors, these Ansell gloves feature a two-layer liner to create a thermal barrier while remaining perfectly breathable to avoid you overheating. The nitrile coating covers three quarters of these safety gloves to provide further hand protection for the palms, fingers and knuckles, while the sandy finish also offers the wearer a secure grip.

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    • Durable thermal gloves designed for safe handling in cold environments
    • Acrylic and polyester liner creates a two-layer inner to provide warmth while remaining breathable
    • Nitrile coating with a sandy finish on three quarters of the gloves to provide a secure grip and add protection from direct wind, liquid and cold impact
    • Excellent resistance to abrasion
    • Good resistance to tearing
    • Bright hi-vis colour to make wearer more visible in low light
    • Comfortable and dextrous
    • Ergonomically designed to provide a great fit and reduce hand fatigue
    • Knitted cuffs for a secure fit around the wrists
    • Length: 240-270mm

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    EN 511:2006 0.1.0
    EN 388:2016

    Great for…
    Automotive / logistics and warehousing / forestry / construction
  • Code:H008194
    Incorporating the innovative INTERCEPT yarn, these work gloves offer excellent resistance to abrasions and tears, with a PU coating on the palms for a great grip. They’re ideal for use in situations where workers are handling rough or sharp objects such as glass, thin metal sheet and masonry blocks.

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    • Lightweight safety gloves designed for secure handling
    • Polyurethane (PU) palm coating offers grip and lets the backs of the hands breathe
    • Seamless liner offers comfort and contains INTERCEPT cut-resistant technology
    • Knitted cuffs for snug fit
    • Excellent abrasion and tear resistance
    • Gauge: 13
    • Length: 208-261mm

    Get technical…
    EN 388:2016

    Great for…
    Aerospace / automotive / maintenance / metal fabrication / oil processing / transport
  • Code:H003034
    Super strong and resilient, these SHOWA 240 safety gloves offer protection against a range of workplace hazards. Ideal as part of your arc-flash PPE, they contain flame-resistant materials to guard against burning behaviour and protect against heat contact up to 250°C for limited periods. The para-aramid liner and neoprene coating also work together to provide resistance to mechanical hazards such as cuts and abrasions.

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    • Strong, durable work gloves
    • 13-gauge knitted liner comprising para-aramid fibre, modacrylic and fibreglass
    • Flat-dipped sponge neoprene coating offers a secure grip
    • Offers level-2 resistance to electric arc flash
    • Flame-resistant materials
    • Resistant to contact heat up to 250°C for up to 15 seconds
    • Good resistance to abrasions, tears and cuts
    • Seamless liner to avoid irritation
    • Anatomical design to reduce risk of hand fatigue
    • Length: 230-270mm

    Get technical…
    EN 388:2016 3.X.3.1.C
    EN 407:2004
    ASTM F2675 ATPV 9.2 cal/cm

    Great for…
    Automotive / construction / manufacturing / oil and gas / railways / steel and metals

    Part of campaign: CMPN000023
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