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  • EN 388 - Abrasion 2016

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  • EN 388 - Tear 2016

  • EN 388 - Puncture 2016

  • EN 388 - ISO cut 2016

  • EN 388 - Impact 2016

  • EN 388 - Abrasion 2003

  • EN 388 - Blade Cut 2003

  • EN 388 - Tear 2003

  • EN 388 - Puncture 2003

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  • Code:1237700
    These polyester liner gloves are part of our affordable Arco Essentials range. They’re extremely comfortable and breathable, and are designed to be used as comfortable liners underneath other work gloves, specific to your application.

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    • Economical liner gloves
    • Comfortable and breathable polyester
    • Launderable at 40°C for extended life
    • Ideal for intricate handling applications
    • Ideal alternative to cotton
  • Code:H008295
    These men’s work gloves are ideal for intricate handling tasks and are manufactured from stretchy white nylon for dexterity and flexibility. They feature an open cuff for ventilation and breathability, and fingers arranged in a fourchette style for comfort and a great fit.

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    • Lightweight work gloves designed for intricate handling applications
    • Stretch nylon allows hands to flex
    • Open cuffs for hand ventilation
    • Fourchette-style fingers and inset thumbs for enhanced fit and comfort
    • One size
    • Supplied in packs of 12 pairs
  • Code:1275100
    With PVC dots for enhanced grip, these lightweight grip gloves offer cost-effective hand protection for mechanical hazards. The breathable and lightweight liner ensures that your hands retain great working comfort throughout the day.

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    • Lightweight safety gloves coated with PVC dots on the palms for a secure grip
    • Knitted polyester liner is breathable and lightweight
    • Darker colour hides dirt
    • Great resistance to tearing

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    EN 388:2016 2.1.4.X.X
  • Code:1275200
    With PVC dotting providing a solid grip, these great-value safety gloves are suitable for manual handling tasks and offer strong resistance against tears. The dotting can be found to both the palm and outer of each hand, making these gloves ambidextrous and economical.

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    • Lightweight safety gloves designed for secure handling
    • PVC dotting over the palms and backs provides a good grip
    • Excellent resistance to tearing
    • Breathable and tactile
    • Can be worn on either hand

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    EN 388:2016 2.1.4.X.X
  • Code:1275300
    Featuring breathable thermal liners, these protective gloves are perfect for keeping hands warm and comfortable in cold working conditions. They’re particularly good for dry manual handling tasks, with these thermal gloves boasting PVC-dotted palms that provide a great grip, and a flexible construction that enhances dexterity.

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    • Cosy thermal gloves designed for secure handling
    • Comfortable thermal lining for warmth
    • Secure grip provided by the PVC-dotted palms
    • Breathable liner transports moisture away from the hand
    • Flexible and dextrous
    • Good resistance to tearing

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    EN 388:2016 1.1.3.X.X
  • Code:1285800
    These clever little Yaktrax hand warmers are sure to keep your hands cosy, with up to eight hours of heat provided by each pouch. When opened and exposed to cold air, iron filings inside begin to rust resulting in residual heat. The salt crystals help this process along, while carbon ensures that the heat is dispersed evenly, and vermiculite keeps the heat from disappearing too quickly. You don’t have to worry about all that though, simply slip the hand warmers into your gloves or pockets and enjoy toasty-warm hands.

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    • Two hand warmers in each pack
    • Iron filings inside each pouch are activated once opened and exposed to cold air
    • Up to eight hours of heat
    • Environmentally friendly, easy to store and safe to use

    Part of campaign: CMPN000020
  • Code:12A5600
    A great, cost-effective alternative to leather, these synthetic driving gloves offer a classic look, and feature a full cotton fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort so they’re ideal as winter gloves. The water-resistant material offers splash protection for water and oil, making them ideal for various hands-on environments.

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    • Work gloves manufactured from polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather
    • Surface is resistant to oil and water
    • Do not become rigid or start to smell when wet
    • Joss sticks across the backs and elasticated cuffs create a safe, secure fit
    • Full cotton fleece lining for comfort and warmth

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    EN 388:2016
  • Code:12A8500
    Suitable for a range of general handling tasks, these leather work gloves are the economical option for hand protection in light manufacturing and other low-risk areas.

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    • Split cow leather gloves
    • One-piece backs to avoid seams irritating the skin
    • Cotton flock lining for working comfort
    • Welted seams for durability
    • Length: 350mm

    Great for…
    Light manufacturing / warehouse / gardening
  • Code:12B0200
    Ideal for safe and intricate handling, these Arco microdot gloves feature a textured surface to provide a secure grip, while the fourchette-style design offers enhanced fit and tactility. These lightweight and breathable cotton liners are dexterous and comfortable for all-day wear.

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    • Lightweight work gloves for secure handling
    • Breathable cotton liner for comfort and dexterity
    • PVC microdots for secure grip
    • Fourchette style for enhanced fit and tactility
    • Available in packs of 12
    • Length: 22cm
  • Code:12A8700
    Manufactured from a synthetic leather, these rigger gloves are a cost-effective choice for workers and feature a fleecy cotton lining for comfort.

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    • Grey synthetic leather work gloves
    • One-piece backs to avoid irritating seams
    • Fully fleeced cotton lining
    • Welted seams for durability
  • Code:12L1000
    Soft and comfortable, yet tough and hard-wearing, these leather driver’s gloves offer a classic look, and feature a full cotton fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort so they’re ideal as winter gloves. These driver’s gloves are great for reducing hand fatigue while gripping and feature keystone thumbs for a more natural hand position.

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    • Classic work gloves offering excellent durability
    • Soft and supple grain leather to reduce hand fatigue
    • Full cotton fleece lining for comfort and warmth
    • Keystone thumb maintains the thumb’s natural position for comfort and dexterity
    • Excellent resistance to tearing

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    EN 388:2016
  • Code:12L1700
    These Arco welding gloves offer high-quality protection against flames, heat and molten-metal splash and are designed for wearing during TIG welding applications. The hard-wearing leather construction is reinforced on the palms for extra durability and these heat-resistant gloves also offer low-level protection against mechanical hazards.

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    • Welder's gauntlets manufactured from high-quality soft leather
    • Reinforced palms for extra durability
    • Highly resistant to burning
    • Resistant to contact and convective heat
    • Protects against small splashes of molten metal
    • Low-level protection against abrasions, tears and punctures

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    EN 12477:2006 Class A
    EN 388:2016
    EN 407:2004 4.1.3.X.4.X
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