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Ergonomic Back, Wrist Support & Knee Protection

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  • Code:470203
    Sometimes we all need a bit more support when undertaking manual handling. Luckily, this Impacto Back Coach is here to provide protection from back strain and maintain a good posture during lifting or other repetitive tasks. The mesh panel helps with airflow to keep you cool, while the elastic side straps and braces ensure a comfortable fit without restricting movement.

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    • Provides protection from back strain during repetitive tasks and lifting
    • Mesh panel for ventilation and comfort
    • Plastic stays and non-slip strips help to maintain support
    • Elastic side straps and braces for a great fit
    • Suitable for wearing all day while maintaining freedom of movement
    • Encourages good posture

    Great for…
    Retail / warehousing / manufacturing / automotive
  • Code:470804
    To help muscle relaxation and ease lower back pain, this Air Temp Advantage back support belt includes two inbuilt air chambers that hold self-contained aspirators for therapeutic relief. They can also be swapped out for cold compression or heat packs if necessary (not included). Manufactured from a flexible material and with plastic support strips, this Impacto back support allows for freedom of movement and provides a great fit for long-lasting working comfort.

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    • Offers back and abdominal support
    • Features two off-centre pockets with air chambers for self-contained aspirators (included) for therapeutic relief
    • Flexible neoprene fabric stretches with movement for a comfortable fit
    • Plastic support stays with non-slip strips to keep back support in place
    • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for a great fit
    • Allows muscles to relax, improves posture and eases lower back pain
    • Ideal for medium lifting duties
  • Code:471504
    Offering natural heat therapy and support, this Thermo Wrap back support is suitable for those with muscle injuries and lower back pain. Easy to put on, this back brace is designed to be worn directly against the skin and features a breathable liner for all-day comfort.

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    • Helps keep the skin warm to promote blood flow and offer natural heat therapy
    • Provides pain relief and mild compression for muscle injuries and lower back pain
    • Soft material makes it comfortable to wear over long periods
    • To be worn directly against the skin
    • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Code:472003
    Designed for those who suffer from or are in danger of repetitive strain injuries, this Thermo Wrap wrist support helps with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The heat-retaining technology in the material keeps hold of natural body heat for effective treatment, while still allowing perspiration to wick away, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable while working.

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    • Designed for the prevention of repetitive strain injuries of the wrist such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis
    • Nonporous rubberised material keeps hold of body heat to increase circulation, providing compression and support
    • Natural heat therapy helps prevent and treat sports injuries, arthritis pain and repetitive strain injuries
    • Multiple layers of fabric with reinforced stitching provides durability
    • Breathable lining helps to wick away perspiration to avoid irritating the skin

    Great for…
    Assembly lines / machine operators / cashiers / computer users / gardening
  • Code:482000
    A comfortable and durable alternative to kneepads, this Impacto foam kneeling mat is ideal for use outdoors and on other tough surfaces to protect the knees from dirt and uneven ground. The resilient closed-cell foam absorbs pressure from the knees and will not compression-set or absorb liquids. With an inbuilt handle, it’s easy to carry around, wherever your job takes you.

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    • Foam kneeling pad
    • Manufactured from resilient closed-cell foam which bounces back with ease
    • Built to withstand tough kneeling surfaces such as steel, concrete, gravel, wet surfaces, dirt and mud
    • Inbuilt handle makes it easy to carry around with you
    • Alleviates pressure on knees and eases lower back pain
    • Does not absorb liquids and impervious to petroleum products
    • Self-extinguishing
    • Silicone-free
    • Fully washable and easy to clean

    Great for…
    Utilities / petroleum industry / telecoms / manufacturing / automotive
  • Code:8MP1100
    These soft memory foam kneepads are designed to fit all MASCOT work trousers by slotting easily into the kneepad pockets on the garment. They offer long-lasting comfort and can even be left in the trousers during washing, saving time and effort.

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    • Work kneepads crafted from 100% cellular rubber
    • Memory foam protects and cushions for long-lasting comfort
    • Fits with all MASCOT products with kneepad pockets
    • Extra soft to promote consistent comfort throughout the day
    • Suitable for industrial washing and drying at high temperatures
    • Can be left in the trousers whilst washing
  • Code:8S5500
    These Snickers Craftsmen kneepads provide reliable protection for those who spend a lot of time working on their knees and are suitable for use with all Snickers Workwear trousers. Constructed from an intelligent blend of polyethylene and EVA, these kneepad inserts are rugged and yet will bend to the optimum shape to best provide support.

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    • Kneepads designed for Snickers work trousers
    • Crafted from polyethylene and EVA
    • Strong and hard-wearing with reliable force distribution
    • Flexible when working yet close around the knees when kneeling
    • Soft and ventilated on the inside
    • Can be handwashed

    Get technical…
    EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1
  • Code:8S5600
    These Snickers kneepads keep their shape and stay in place on your knees effectively to offer superb working comfort and durability, especially when placed in the Snickers 3223 Floorlayer trousers.

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    • Work kneepads designed for Floorlayer work trousers
    • Made from 85% polyamide, 15% polyester with polyethylene beads that make these kneepads light and breathable
    • Keep their shape during long periods of work
    • Designed not to move about on your knees
    • Best used with the Snickers 3223 Floorlayer trousers
    • Can be handwashed

    Get technical…
    EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010 Level 1
  • Code:8T5600
    These TROJAN kneepad inserts are a great fit for TROJAN and Arco Essentials trousers with kneepad pockets. They are crafted from intelligently designed foam, which aims to provide equal levels of knee support and comfort, so you can focus on your work.

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    • Kneepads made from pressed foam
    • Sturdy yet comfortable so they can provide padding without being uncomfortable
    • Designed to fit easily into TROJAN or Arco Essentials work trousers that feature kneepad pockets
    • Suitable for use on flat surfaces

    Get technical...
    EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010

    Available in...
    One size
  • Code:B211463
    Go easy on your knees with these Snickers XTR D3O Craftsmen kneepads. Manufactured from a unique D3O polymer, the molecules come together on impact to absorb and disperse energy and provide protection from pebbles, nails and other debris that may be lying around. However, they don’t go hard, remaining flexible and stable, making them ideal kneepads for work that requires long periods of kneeling.

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    • Durable work kneepads made from D3O polyolefin material for impact protection
    • Knee protection against pebbles, nails and debris
    • Unique polymer composition of D30 contains molecules that flow freely but lock together on impact to absorb and disperse energy
    • Retain shape for long periods of kneeling
    • Ergonomic design provides stability and flexibility
    • Can be handwashed

    Get technical…
    EN 14404:2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1

    Great for…
    Construction / manual trades
  • Code:B286312
    Crafted from tough yet comfortable Evazote, these MASCOT Waterloo kneepads are ideal for anyone who spends some of their workday on their knees. Plus, since these kneepads can be shortened when necessary, they can be placed inside any MASCOT trousers with kneepad pockets.

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    • Kneepads crafted from 100% Evazote (ethylene vinyl lacetate)
    • Ideal for days spent working on your knees
    • Can be adjusted and shortened to fit all MASCOT trousers with kneepad pockets
    • Ensure you remove these kneepads from your MASCOT trousers before washing
    • Measure: 150mm x 270mm
  • Code:B75198
    These ergonomically designed Portwest S156 kneepads provide durability and comfort for your knees when working. They're designed to fit into kneepad pockets on work trousers or overalls.

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    • Ergonomically designed to hug your knees
    • Suitable for all kneepad pockets on TROJAN and Arco Essentials workwear
    • Won't impede the wearer's walking
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