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Ergonomic Back, Wrist Support & Knee Protection

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  • Code:1831000
    Friction between kneepads and the floor can be great if you’re constantly slipping, but if you’re doing a job where you need to pivot a lot, it can hinder rather than help. These Nailers G1 gel kneepads feature gel pads at the front which not only offer cushioning knee protection, but also allow the wearer to swivel around so you can reach for parts and tools with ease.

    Learn more…
    • Air-injected gel pads allow wearer to swivel easily
    • Quick-fit single strap to prevent chafing
    • Gel pads absorb shock and last longer than foam
    • Allow wearer to stand up straight and move around freely

    Great for…
    Manual trade / gardening / construction
  • Code:1831200
    Spending more than 60 minutes a day on your knees can greatly increase your chance of osteoarthritis and meniscus damage later in life. It can also lead to extended recovery times for any kind of knee injury and fatigue. The UltraKnee kneepads provide the ideal remedy for this situation. Containing innovative springs, these work kneepads distribute the pressure more evenly across the whole of the knees than other foam or gel kneepads.

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    • Patented springs distribute pressure evenly across the knees for long-lasting knee protection and supreme comfort
    • Developed in conjunction with human kinetic technologists and two Dutch universities
    • Durable rubberised outer casing provides a long product life and won’t mark surfaces
    • Protection against moisture, dirt and sharp objects
    • Adjustable, flexible straps for a great fit and to keep the pads in place without pinching
    • Mesh lining improves the airflow around the knees to stay cool and comfortable
    • Lightweight to ensure optimum comfort even when walking, sitting or driving
    • One size fits all

    Get technical...
    EN 14404 Type 1, performance level 1

    Great for…
    High-tech manufacturing / floor layers / telecoms
  • Code:1831100
    Ideal for working on a slope, these Gripper kneepads are slip-resistant to keep you in the right place while on the job. The heavy-duty padding makes it easy to stay on your knees for long periods while the quick-release buckles help you to get your knee protection on and off with ease.

    Learn more…
    • Gripper kneepad with nylon reinforced face
    • Heavy-duty foam padding for all-day comfort
    • Quick-release buckle makes it easy to get on and off
    • Adjustable straps for the ideal fit
    • Resistant to scuffs and slips without marking the working surface

    Great for…
    Manual trades / gardening / construction
  • Code:1831600
    Great for sliding around to reach tools and equipment in an instant, these gel kneepads help to reduce the stress that can be placed upon knees and hip joints to protect against the long-term cumulation of knee trauma. The breathable liners improve the airflow around the knees to keep you cool while you’re working hard, and the elasticated straps are easily adjusted to further enhance wearer comfort.

    Learn more…
    • Contains a solid injected-gel insert
    • Plastic cover is sewn on to avoid dirt ingress
    • Breathable pad and soft neoprene liner for wearer comfort
    • Smooth, rounded shell is ideal for sliding and pivoting to reach tools
    • Elasticated double straps and quick-clip plastic fasteners secure pads and are easily adjusted
    • Alleviates stress on knees and hip joints, and protects against long-term cumulative trauma
    • Cover will not mark surfaces
    • PVC-free for an eco-friendly product

    Great for…
    Maintenance / manufacturing / construction / industry
  • Code:1831400
    Ideal for tough industrial environments, these heavy-duty kneepads feature a ribbed, slip-resistant surface to keep you from moving around when kneeling. Nevertheless, they’re still lightweight and cost-effective to make them easy on your knees and your budget.

    Learn more…
    • Economical moulded rubber
    • Ribbed slip-resistant surface
    • Replaceable, adjustable straps make it easy to get kneepads on and off
    • Provides protection against abrasion and cumulative knee trauma

    Great for…
    Industry / construction / wet environments
  • Code:1831700
    As a comfortable and easy-to-clean alternative to kneepads, this Impacto vinyl kneeling mat is ideal for use outdoors and on other uneven surfaces to protect the knees from strain and dirt. The vinyl coating makes it easy to care for and repels water to avoid you getting bogged down when working outside. With an inbuilt handle, it’s easy to carry around, wherever your job takes you.

    Learn more…
    • Closed-cell PVC foam kneeling pad
    • Easy-to-clean vinyl coating
    • Inbuilt handle makes it easy to carry around with you
    • Repels water
    • Provides comfort and knee protection on all surfaces
    • Dimensions: 46cm x 18cm x 2.25cm
  • Code:1831500
    Designed for use in welding applications, these heat-resistant kneepads are manufactured from a self-extinguishing material to deal with the danger of sparks and embers. Durable and crush-proof, they’re also moulded to give a snug fit around the knees, providing a great balance between reliable knee protection and working comfort.

    Learn more…
    • Moulded to give a snug fit
    • Adjustable, removeable straps with hook-and-loop closure for a great fit
    • Durable and crush-proof materials
    • Resistant to heat; ideal for environments where there is a danger of sparks

    Great for…
    Grinding / welding
  • Code:1831900
    These hard-shell kneepads are ideal for preventing knee, hip and joint stress, and have a breathable CoolMax lining that wicks away moisture to keep knees feeling fresh and dry. The ribbed kneeling surface reduces the risk of slipping, while the hinged-action shell bends with your knee to ensure that these lightweight kneepads remain comfortable to wear. Attached with dual elastic straps with a hook and loop fastening that have been reinforced with double stitching, each kneepad contains premium moulded foam padding for superb protection and comfort.

    Learn more…
    • Breathable wicking CoolMax lining transports perspiration away from the knees
    • Ribbed surface reduces the risk of slipping
    • Premium moulded foam padding for comfort
    • Hinged-action shell bends with knee for freedom of movement
    • Hard-wearing double elastic strap with hook and loop fastening keeps kneepads firmly in place
  • Code:1832200
    With a form-fitting moulded design, these Impacto kneepads are lightweight and comfortable to provide a cost-effective and practical solution to knee protection. The breathable lining wicks away moisture to keep you cool at work, while the replaceable elastic straps help you get them on and off with ease.

    Learn more…
    • Lightweight and economical
    • Moulded design to fit close to the knees
    • Toxin-free foam with co-polymer padding for comfort
    • CoolMax lining wicks away moisture to keep knees cool
    • Ribbed surface is resistant to slips
    • Single, replaceable elastic strap with hook-and-loop closure
  • Code:1832100
    Offering a great combination between durability and comfort, these moulded kneepads offer long-lasting knee protection for a variety of industries and were originally designed to withstand the tough environment of the mining industry. Featuring a flat front to keep you upright when kneeling and ventilation holes to keep air circulating when you’re hard at work, these kneepads are perfect for keeping you going all day.

    Learn more…
    • High-quality moulded rubber with sponge-rubber lining
    • Flat front for stability when kneeling
    • Ventilation holes to provide comfort when kneeling for long periods
    • Chrome leather straps are highly durable and deliver a secure fit
    • Waterproof
  • Code:1832400
    Sometimes, you don’t get to choose where you put your knees, so you need something that’s suitable for any surface. These all-terrain gel kneepads feature doughnut-shaped padding that offers cushioning and shock absorption around the kneecap. Side extensions provide further practicality by creating a stable surface, keeping you upright while you’re hard at work.

    Learn more…
    • Doughnut-shaped gel padding offers cushioning and shock absorption for the patella bone
    • Breathable nylon mesh keeps knees cool and comfortable
    • Elevated front with extended threads at the sides offer extra stability while kneeling
    • Sewn-on cover keeps out dirt and debris
    • Dual straps with hook-and-loop closures keep the pads in place effectively
    • PVC-free for an eco-friendly product
  • Code:1832300
    With a moulded co-polymer foam padding, these plastic-cover kneepads provide lightweight and comfortable knee protection for everyday applications, guarding against bruising and knee trauma. The padding and plastic covers are sewn together to guard against dirt ingress which makes these economical kneepads superbly practical too.

    Learn more…
    • Moulded foam padding provides knee protection
    • Durable nylon with a ribbed plastic cover sewn on to keep out dirt and debris
    • Elastic and webbing straps, and side buckles make it easy to get pads on and off
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