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Mauls, Punners & Tampers

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  • Code:3172105
    Mechanical rollers aren’t always suitable for flattening tarmac and earth, for example in corners or against walls. To really get the job done, you need this Carters 4.5kg steel tarmac tamper, a lengthy tubular steel rammer that will enable you to flatten surfaces with ease, even when in tricky places.

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    • Steel tarmac tamper ideal for ramming earth, hardcore and tarmac
    • Also suitable for use close to walls and corners where a roller may not be able to reach
    • Handle: 1220mm tubular steel
    • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Code:3172111
    Occasionally, sledgehammer handles can succumb to wear, which is why these Carters 900mm hickory sledgehammer handles are available. Easy to fit and crafted from grade A hickory, these handles are an ideal quick fix.

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    • Sledgehammer handle that easy to fit
    • Crafted from grade A hickory
    • Handle length: 914mm
  • Code:3172159
    Though this Carters rubber paving maul is large, the rubber head ensures it is ideal for tapping surfaces such as paving slabs. This is because it will deliver power without damaging the slab, unlike a sledgehammer which is far more likely to crack the slab.

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    • Rubber maul great for tapping paving slabs without damaging them
    • Maul head only, handle available separately
    • Weight: 4.5Kg (10lb)
  • Code:3172163
    The Carters rubber paving maul is ideal for tapping surfaces such as paving slabs as it delivers plenty of power without being overly damaging. Occasionally, the handle may need to be replaced, which is where this Carters hickory paving maul handle come in. Crafted from grade A hickory, this handle can easily be fitted into the rubber maul head so you can continue to use it without having to replace the entire tool.

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    • Replacement handle for the 0.45kg rubber paving maul
    • Crafted from genuine, grade A hickory
    • When fitting this maul handle it may need to be amended to better fit in the head
  • Code:3172274
    This intelligently designed Carters folding pruning saw is ideal for on-the-go, lightweight yet effective trimming. Branches, trees, fencing and other timber can all be pruned with ease simply by locking the 200mm blade in place, while the pistol-grip handle ensures superior user-control and transfer of force.

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    • Versatile folding saw ideal for pruning branches, fencing and other timber
    • Polypropylene pistol-grip handle offers superior control
    • Blade can be locked in place for additional force transfer and safety
    • Blade: 203mm
    • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Code:31B0039
    Make driving nails simpler with these Carters sledgehammers. Large and hardy, these sledgehammers feature grade A genuine hickory handles and powerful heads, which work together to ensure you can exert plenty of force.

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    • Sledgehammers with grade A hickory handles
    • Metal head distributes pressure and power over a wide area to drive nails
    • Replacement handles available separately
  • Code:31B0042
    These premium Carters PolyfibrePRO sledgehammers are ideal for a wide variety of jobs and are sure to deliver outstanding results throughout their long lifespan. Crafted from rot-resistant polyfibre that won’t shrink or loosen through periods of inactivity, the lengthy handles allow you to exert plenty of force while the metal head drives nails with ease.

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    • Heavy-duty sledgehammers with premium polyfibre handles
    • Feature integral strike protection
    • Shaft will not rot, shrink or loosen over time
    • Handle length: 914mm

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    3.2kg / 6.4kg
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