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Hand Lanterns

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  • Code:456003
    This innovative, ATEX-approved Wolflite XT70H rechargeable safety torch delivers outstanding performance, reliability and power even in the harshest environments. With multiple beam types and the ability to provide light for up to twelve hours, this safety torch is ideal for lighting your way through ATEX zone 1 areas.

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    • Rechargeable torch with an ultra-bright high-power LED (350-lumens)
    • Provides light for up to six hours on full power or twelve hours on power-save mode
    • Quick charge will fill the lithium-ion battery in just 3.5 hours
    • Should be charged in a safe area
    • Multiple beam types including spot and flood
    • Beams can be switched using the pushdown button
    • Emergency illumination power-fail mode
    • Completely protected against dust, as well as temporary immersion up to 1m for up to 30 minutes
    • Suitable for ATEX zone 1 areas where a T4 temperature class permits (surface temperature up to 135°C)
    • ATEX zone 1 are locations with explosive atmospheres in which hazardous gases are likely to exist during normal operation, therefore extreme caution and certified safety equipment should be used
    • Group I equipment is suitable for underground mines
    • M2 classification denotes that this equipment is designed to be de-energised in the event of an explosive atmosphere
    • IECEx certification ensures that this equipment has met a range of tests and standards and can be used in hazardous environments
    • Supplied with a charger and shoulder strap

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    ATEX I M2/II 2GD Ex ib op is I Mb/IIC T4 Gb IP67
    Ex ib op is IIIB T185°C Db (temperature ambient –30°C to +40°C)
  • Code:457000
    This Wolflite H4DCA safety torch is a robust, reliable and powerful, primary cell handlamp suitable for use in ATEX zone 1 or 2 areas where potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist or dust atmospheres may be present and where a T4 temperature class permits.

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    • Halogen bulb provides plenty of light output is protected by 6mm-thick toughened glass
    • Alkaline primary cells provide approximately twenty hours of power
    • Suitable for multiple ATEX zones
    • T4 temperature class
    • Supplied with a detachable shoulder strap

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    ATEX zones 1 and 2, IIA, IIB, IIC
    ATEX zones 21 and 22
  • Code:4E6104
    This Active krypton lantern torch is ideal for a wide variety of tasks and environments, providing plenty of bright lighting wherever it is needed. Featuring a handle and a wrist strap, this torch can be transported with you with ease, while the additional heavy-duty 6V battery it is supplied with ensures a longer lifespan between battery purchases.

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    • Krypton bulb is bright and efficient
    • Supplied with a heavy-duty 6V battery
    • Wrist strap for secure, easy portability
  • Code:4E6127
    The Active AP 130-lumen rechargeable LED spotlight is designed specifically to ensure you have all the light you need in low-lit areas and at night. This spotlight features a standard beam that can travel up to 90 metres, as well as a high beam that can reach as far as 150 metres.

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    • Rechargeable spotlight with high and standard beams
    • 130-lumen high beam and 60-lumen standard beam
    • High beam has a four-hour battery life, while the standard beam has eight hours
    • The standard beam can reach up to 90 metres, while the high beam can reach 150 metres
    • AC/DC mains adaptor
    • IPX4 water resistance
    • Can withstand drops up to one metre
  • Code:4E6129
    The Active AP Pro 350-lumen rechargeable CREE LED spotlight is designed specifically to ensure you have all the light you need in low-lit areas and at night. This spotlight works to provide you with plenty of light, with a powerful flood and spot beam combination that can reach up to 420m.

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    • Powerful rechargeable spotlight with a 420m beam
    • 350-lumen light combines flood and spot beams
    • Hands-free operation is enabled by the adjustable stand
    • Powered by a 6V 4.5 a lead acid battery, supplied with a mains charger
    • Shoulder strap
    • IPX4 water resistance
    • Crafted from durable and lightweight high-grade plastic
    • Can withstand drops up to one metre
  • Code:4E6130
    This Active AP 150-lumen rechargeable LED spotlight is designed expressly to make lighting challenging areas as simple as possible. Featuring a flexible swivel stand and practical two-position handle, this spotlight torch can be charged via USB and transported with ease, making it ideal for those who often find themselves working in low-lit areas or at night.

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    • 150-lumens LED rechargeable spotlight
    • AC/DC and car adaptor supplied, though uses USB charging technology
    • Beam can extend up to 400 metres
    • Battery time lasts around four hours
    • Features a swivel stand and two-position handle
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