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  • Code:3109164
    Lightweight, practical and portable, this Draper intelligent battery charger has everything you need to quickly and efficiently jump start batteries. Fully automatic and microprocessor-controlled with a continuous adjustment system that ensures the charger can be left unsupervised, this charger is ideal for both workshop and domestic use.

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    • Fully automatic battery charger with high-frequency technology
    • Continuous adjustment allows for unsupervised charging
    • Polarity inversion and thermal overload protection
    • Suitable for wet, AGM and gel battery ranging from 40Ah to 160Ah
    • Supplied with insulated copper leads and battery clips
    • Charging output: 6V/12V
    • Dimensions: 184mm x 112mm x 86mm
    • Weight: 1kg
  • Code:3109429
    This Draper Expert portable petrol generator is practical and versatile, featuring large wheels that make transporting this unit between locations incredibly easy. This generator also features a 13HP petrol engine that runs for up to nine hours, so you have access to plenty of power wherever you may be.

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    • Heavy-duty tubular steel frame with a polyester-coating for resistance to oil and fuel
    • Can run for up to nine hours at 75% load
    • Recoil start 13HP petrol engine
    • Large wheels make transporting this generator particularly easy
    • Dual-voltage output: 110V/220V, 12DC output
    • Supplied with a spark plug wrench, a screwdriver and a 12V charging lead
    • Rated power: 3500W
    • Fuel tanks: 25L
    • Dimensions: 710mm x 560mm x 570mm
    • Weight: 89kg
  • Code:3176001
    The Brennenstuhl SANSA rechargeable LED torch is ideal for lighting the tightest spots, as it can be positioned as needed and even attached to surfaces for hands-free use. Packed full of super-bright LEDs, this little torch can provide up to eighty-hours of light and fully charges in just three hours.

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    • Robust 400-lumen inspection light with a 70-lumen spotlight
    • Features twelve super-bright SMD LEDs in the front and one on the top
    • Rubberised surface improves grip significantly
    • Charges in just three hours
    • Provides up to eighty hours of light on 10% or a minimum of 3.5 hours at 100%
    • Foldable and rotatable head that folds down to pocket size
    • Features a fold-out hook and integrated magnet for hands-free use
    • Supplied with a Li-Ion battery and USB charging cable
    • Dimensions: 30cm x 4.4cm x 3.4cm
    • Weight: 0.25kg
  • Code:3177655
    This Panasonic cordless LED floodlight is versatile, compact and lightweight. The ultra-bright LEDs emit 1500 lumens of light, which can be set to three different modes depending on your needs and can be angled as necessary.

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    • Ultra-bright LED floodlight
    • Multi-angle positioning
    • Three brightness settings: high 100%, medium 50% and low 10%
    • Brightness: 1500 lumens
    • Features a hanging hook for hands-free lighting
    • Battery not included
    • Runs off 14.4V, 18V and 21.6V batteries
    • 125mm x 312mm x 96mm
    • Weight: 610g
  • Code:3178213
    Designed for use with C.Scope cable locators and signal generators, this flexible tracer makes locating and tracing small-diameter non-metallic pipes, ducts and drains as simple as possible. Simply attach a signal generator and this rod will transmit accurate signals to ensure you know where pipes are located before beginning an excavation or other building work.

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    • Flexible pipe tracer ideal for use in small-diameter, non-metallic pipes
    • Suitable for line and tip tracing
    • Works with C.Scope signal generators and cable avoidance tools, available separately
    • Uniform diameter allows for easy use with any proprietary insertion gland
    • Tracer rod is crafted from flexible, chemical-resistant plastic
    • Supplied in a robust plastic housing

    Pipe tracer featuresMeasurements
    Tracing rod length50m
    Rod diameter6mm
    Sonde diameter6mm
    Operating frequency33kHz
    Detection depth range4m
    Operational temperature range-20°C to 50°C
  • Code:31TA017
    When traditional cable ties and zip ties simply won’t do, you need an Ergodyne Squids locking tie hook. Ideal for cinching and organising hoses, pipes, cords and more, these weather-resistant, high-tensile locking tie hooks will secure almost any load up to 20kg in place.

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    • Large locking hook that swivels 360°
    • Sliding belt-lock mechanism
    • Weather-resistant nylon 66
    • High-tensile strength
    • Temperature range: - 40°C to 80°C
    • Resistant to solvents, salt, oil and alkalis
    • Recommended maximum load: 20kg

    Available in...
    300mm / 400mm / 500mm

    Great for...
    Carpentry / electrician / oil and gas / construction / mechanics / HVAC / plumbing
  • Code:3713030
    This KES tool transformer is suitable for industrial applications that require 230V be converted to 110V.

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    • Tool transformer
    • Transforms 230V to 110V
    • Features 1.5m of input cable
    • Current rating: 3kVA
    • Pin configuration: 2P+E
    • Sockets: 2no 16A 110V
    • IP44
  • Code:3714004
    This KES four-way splitter is suitable for industrial applications that require access to numerous sockets.

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    • Extension outlet unit or splitter
    • Features a 10m arctic-grade lead
    • Pin configuration: 2P+E
    • Sockets: 4no 110V
    • IP44
  • Code:3713525
    This lengthy, brightly coloured KES extension lead is crafted from robust, tough materials and features a 110V plug.

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    • Robust 16A 110V extension lead
    • Pin configuration: 2P+E
    • Socket configuration: 2P+E
    • IP44
  • Code:3713515
    This lengthy, brightly coloured KES extension lead is crafted from robust, tough materials and features a 110V plug.

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    • Robust 16A 110V extension lead
    • Pin configuration: 2P+E
    • Socket configuration: 2P+E
    • IP44
  • Code:3715052
    This high-quality Mini Pod LED floor light is convenient and practical, with a lengthy cable, a comfortable handle and the ability to work with both 110V and 230V.

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    • Premium portable floor light with cable and plug
    • Emits 20W LED light
    • Industrial frame with a convenient carry handle
    • Weather-resistant housing
    • Supports both 110V and 230V
  • Code:3715925
    This festoon lighting from KES is incredibly easy to install and is supplied with everything you need, including ES fittings, lamps and protective polycarbonate guards.

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    • 110V festoon lighting kit
    • 25m in length
    • Ten ES fittings are spaced apart by two metres
    • Supplied with lamps, polycarbonate guards and a plug
    • Additional bulbs available seperately
    • IP44
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