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  • Code:31W3836
    Adaptable, versatile and efficient, this Clarke Easi-Arc multipurpose 200-amp arc welder is robust and highly portable, making it suitable for a variety of operators, jobs and settings. Particularly suited to DIY, workshop and garage tasks, this system is able to take on general repairs and light fabrication.

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    • Multipurpose arc welder
    • 230V power supply
    • Variable welding output: 60 - 200amps
    • Steel housing features side ventilators
    • Accepts welding electrodes 2mm to 4mm
    • Features thermal overload protection with auto reset
    • Integral handle and the overall compact design work to ensure this arc welder is as portable as possible
    • Dimensions: 498mm x 355mm x 410mm

    Great for...
    Welding / metalwork / workshops / construction / DIY / garages
  • Code:31W3838
    The Clarke CSW13T is a highly portable spot welder featuring automatic time and current adjustment that changes depending on the materials used. It is particularly suited to spot welding tasks such as vehicle body repairs, general metal fabrication and light industrial jobs.

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    • Spot welder
    • Mild steel welding capacity: 2mm + 2mm
    • Power supply: 230V, 50hz
    • Maximum absorbed power: 13kW
    • Welding time and current adjust automatically depending on the thickness of the material
    • Features both continuous and pulsed operation settings
    • Arm pressure is adjustable from 40kg to 120kg

    Great for...
    Welding / metalwork / workshops / automotive / garages
  • Code:31W3839
    These spot welder extension arms are designed for Clarke spot welders, available separately.

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    • A variety of extension arms for spot welders
    • Available with different sized throats and in different shapes

    Available in...
    120mm / 120mm angled / 250mm / 350mm / 350mm curved / 500mm L
  • Code:31W3842
    This spot welder extension profile electrode is designed for Clarke spot welders, available separately.

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    • Extension profile electrode for spot welders
  • Code:31W3843
    This spot welder internal profile electrode is designed for Clarke spot welders, available separately.

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    • Internal profile electrode for spot welders
  • Code:31W3848
    These plasma cutters from Clarke are designed primarily for autobody repairs. Both cutters are ideal for slicing cleanly through mild stainless steel, aluminium and copper and feature a pilot arc torch, which ensures cutting is instant, even on painted surfaces.

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    • Plasma King 30 Si has a compressed air pressure of 4-5Bar
    • It has a maximum cutting thickness of 10mm on mild steel
    • Plasma King 20CI has a cutting current of 25amp
    • It has a maximum cutting depth of 6mm on aluminium and mild steel
    • Both are supplied with a torch, an earth clamp and an air filter/regulator
    • Integral handle and the overall compact design work to ensure these plasma cutters are as portable as possible
    • 30 Si: 360mm x 155mm x 320mm (9kg)
    • 20CI: 525mm x 175mm x 245mm (16kg)

    Great for...
    Welding / metalwork / workshops / automotive / garages
  • Code:31W3847
    This spot welder electrode clamp is designed for Clarke spot welders, available separately.

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    • Electrode clamp for spot welders
  • Code:31W3851
    This Clarke PKP411 long-arm gas torch is intended for ground-level and long-reach tasks such as road line burning, roofing work and even weed control.

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    • Gas torch with twin-action control valve
    • Also features an ignition button
    • Requires propane gas
    • Ideal for roads, car parks, walkways and cycleways
    • Exceptionally clean-cut permanent markings that can be driven over within minutes of application
    • Overall length of burner: 700mm, with standard 50mm shroud
    • Hose is 10m with a 3/8” (LH) connectors
  • Code:3200403
    Monarflex Super-Tarp has been crafted from a blend of special polymers to ensure reliable durability. The tarpaulin is rotproof and UV-resistant with a strong polyester reinforcement, so you know this tarp can withstand the rigours of a hectic construction site.

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    • Reinforced polyethylene construction, built to withstand extreme weather as well as the rigours of a construction site
    • Integral mesh (1500 denier polyester yarn) provides strength and works to prevent stretching
    • Non-absorbent to ensure the tarpaulin remains lightweight and easy to handle even when wet
    • Rotproof and UV-resistant
    • Supplied with sealed eyelets at 950mm centres around the perimeter of the tarpaulin
    • Ideal for a vast range of protection applications
    • All sheets are 4m wide
  • Code:3200901
    This scaffolding tool belt is crafted from cowhide with a glossy painted finish and multiple frogs for you to store tools in. Spirit levels, measuring tapes and multiple other tools and equipment can be stored in this robust belt, so you always have what you need at hand.

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    • Tool belt featuring a spirit level frog, a measuring tape frog, a single frog and a double frog
    • Crafted from premium cowhide with painted black finish
    • Features a sturdy buckle and multiple eyelets
    • Belt dimensions: 1.35m x 4mm
    • Belt weight with attachments: 933g
  • Code:3201004
    Buffalo Ecotarp waterproof tarpaulin is suitable for a wide range of jobs due to its robust, durable construction. Resistant to rips, water, mildew and rust, this heavy-duty tarp is ready to take on almost any task.

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    • Lightweight 80g/m² tarpaulin crafted from polyethylene
    • Features multiple rust-resistant aluminium eyelets at one-metre intervals
    • Tear-resistant construction with reinforced hems
    • Waterproof and mildew-resistant to ensure superior durability
  • Code:3201028
    This reinforced tarpaulin from Textarp is ideal for use in general building tasks, construction work, roofing and more. While the outer layers are crafted from water-resistant, rot-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the inner core is constructed from a tear-resistant polyethylene rope-weave, ensuring added durability.

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    • High-performance 175g/m² tarpaulin with HDPE laminated outer coating
    • Extremely tear-resistant due to the polyethylene rope-weave inner core
    • Resistant to rot, water and mildew
    • Eyelets appear every metre around the edge to facilitate tying and anchoring
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