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  • Code:31B0411
    Available in a wide variety of sizes, these Buffalo deep sockets make removed bolts easier than ever. Constructed from cold-forced chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel and featuring a six-point hexagonal socket, these half-inch drive sockets are definitely handy to have around.

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    • Cold-forced chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel sockets
    • Six-point hexagon socket
    • ½in drive
    • Large lengths are suitable for accessing recessed bolts

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  • Code:3432300
    EP2 lithium grease is a thick substance formulated to adhere well to metal without creating corrosion so it can take on extreme pressures, high temperatures and heavy loads. This multipurpose Gulf Crown EP-2 lithium grease is ideal for lubricating plain bearings, even those that have been subject to high-load conditions.

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    • Lithium EP2 grease ideal for general purpose lubrication
    • Ideal for automotive and industrial use
    • Suitable for high-pressure, heavy-duty, irregular shock-load applications
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to 140°C
  • Code:465156
    VIPRO Industrial batteries have been created for use in a variety of environments and are designed to deliver plenty of high-quality, reliable energy.

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    • High-quality alkaline batteries designed for industrial and commercial use
    • Provide outstanding, reliable performance to ensure you get the most out of every battery
    • Lengthy shelf-life of seven years
  • Code:467800
    Duracell Procell batteries have been crafted specifically for commercial and industrial use and deliver plenty of energy. These batteries can be relied upon to deliver steady and stable power to a wide range of devices and are designed to last for lengthy periods of time.

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    • Powerful batteries designed for industrial, commercial and trade use
    • Provide high-performance and up to three times more power than ordinary batteries

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    Pack of 10
  • Code:4E6104
    This Active krypton lantern torch is ideal for a wide variety of tasks and environments, providing plenty of bright lighting wherever it is needed. Featuring a handle and a wrist strap, this torch can be transported with you with ease, while the additional heavy-duty 6V battery it is supplied with ensures a longer lifespan between battery purchases.

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    • Krypton bulb is bright and efficient
    • Supplied with a heavy-duty 6V battery
    • Wrist strap for secure, easy portability

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  • Code:4E6116
    This Arco Essentials torch offers great value and a long life. With a tough rubber casing providing an improved grip, it’s also more resilient against any accidental drops.

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    • Triple-LED torch
    • LEDs are low-energy and thus highly efficient compared to standards bulbs, as well as significantly brighter
    • Tough, durable rubber casing
    • With an average light output of ten lumens, this torch is suited to general tasks that require basic lighting
    • Beams can travel as far as 25m
    • Burn time of four hours
    • Convenient wrist strap
    • Supplied with two D zinc batteries
  • Code:4E6127
    The Active AP 130-lumen rechargeable LED spotlight is designed specifically to ensure you have all the light you need in low-lit areas and at night. This spotlight features a standard beam that can travel up to 90 metres, as well as a high beam that can reach as far as 150 metres.

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    • Rechargeable spotlight with high and standard beams
    • As a rechargeable device, this torch utilises a lithium-ion battery that can be charged as an when is necessary to provide you with light over a specific amount of time
    • 130-lumen high beam and 60-lumen standard beam
    • With an above average measure of luminosity, this torch is sure to provide more than adequate lighting in a variety of environments
    • High beam has a four-hour battery life, while the standard beam has eight hours
    • The standard beam can reach up to 90 metres, while the high beam can reach 150 metres
    • LEDs are low-energy and thus highly efficient compared to standards bulbs, as well as significantly brighter
    • Supplied with a AC/DC mains adaptor
    • IPX4 water resistance
    • Can withstand drops up to one metre
  • Code:3172283
    Cultivate soil and establish garden beds with this Carters WYD-grip solid-socket garden fork. Crafted from steel and high-quality wood, this fork is great for light-duty gardening tasks and is just as comfortable to use as it is efficient.

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    • Solid-socket garden fork
    • One-piece construction of sturdy high-quality steel
    • Great for loosening soil and preparing garden beds
    • High-quality wooden handle with a large D-grip
    • Tools from the Perennial range are designed to provide a careful balance or heavy-duty strength and affordability, making them ideal for professionals and professional use in parks and gardens
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