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  • Code:3100410
    These Impacto grip wrap kits are designed to make using hand tools more comfortable and, more importantly, safer. The VEP sheet and silicone rubber tape can be applied to your hand tool handles and will work to absorb or dissipate shock and vibrations, all while providing a slip-resistant surface.

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    • Grip wrap kit designed for tool handles
    • Each kit Includes a self-adhesive silicone rubber tape roll (25mm x 1.8m)
    • Includes a waffle visco-elastic polymer (VEP) sheet
    • 9067 sheet size: 330mm x 127mm x 3mm
    • 9065 sheet size: 330mm x 127mm x 5mm
    • Dampens shock and vibration
    • Creates a comfortable gripping surface
    • Easy to trim and tailor as necessary
  • Code:3101700
    These Knipex water pump pliers are crafted from high-quality chrome vanadium electric steel to ensure superior strength and durability. With seven position adjustments and hardened teeth, these pliers are undeniably practical and, perhaps best of all, they can also be used as a wrench if necessary.

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    • Pliers crafted from high-quality chrome vanadium electric steel
    • Can also be used as a wrench if necessary
    • Teeth are hardened to 58HRC for superior grip
    • Seven-position adjustment
  • Code:3101002
    These high-quality multifunctional VDE side cutters from NWS feature precision cutting edges to ensure you can take on even the finest wires or screws up to 6mm in diameter. Crafted from oil-hardened steel, these side cutters are also safe to use when working with electricity.

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    • Side cutters, otherwise known as wire cutters, crafted from drop-forged, oil-hardened steel with a matte-chrome finish
    • Impact-resistant safety cushion works to protect the handles if dropped
    • Induction-hardened precision cutting edges
    • Suitable for precision cutting hard or soft wires as well as for shearing M3.5 screws
    • VDE/1000V-marked
    • Maximum cutting capacity: 6mm
    • Length: 160 mm

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  • Code:3103004
    These Irega spanners are suitable for a wide range of tasks and are available in numerous sizes. Each crafted from chrome vanadium steel, these shifters are incredibly strong and yet remain comfortable to use over long periods of time due to the ergonomically designed handle.

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    • Adjustable wrench crafted from chrome vanadium steel
    • Ergonomic, strong yet comfortable handles
    • Slim jaws
    • Non-protruding jaw shank, for user-ease in confined spaces
    • Length and corresponding jaw capacities:
    - 100mm: 13mm
    - 150mm: 19mm
    - 200mm: 24mm
    - 250mm: 29mm
    - 300mm: 34mm
  • Code:3103800
    These Draper Redline compound tinman’s shears, also known as aviation snips, are practical, safe and incredibly easy to use. When not in use, these shears are kept closed via a sprung-lock device, though they can be easily opened to take on heavy-duty snipping tasks.

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    • Straight-cut carbon steel compound-action tin snips
    • Tin snips, otherwise known as tinman’s shears or tinner snips, are designed to cut sheet metal and other materials
    • Blades feature serrated slip-resistant faces
    • Heavy-duty handles have PVC slip guards
    • Sprung locking device keeps blades shut when not in use

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  • Code:3104523
    This one, convenient pack contains numerous hex keys, including twelve long-reach keys and twelve short-arm keys. While the former are imperial, the latter are in metric, so you should have every size you need to take on most common hex key sockets.

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    • Carbon steel hex key set
    • Set includes twelve long arm keys and thirteen metric short keys
    • Long arm hex keys: 1/16in, 5/64in, 3/32in, 7/64in, 1/8in, 9/64in, 5/32in, 3/16in, 7/32in, 1/4in, 5/16in and 3/8in
    • Short arm hex keys: 1.27mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10 mm
    • Each hex key has a black oxide finish
    • Supplied in a convenient storage wallet
  • Code:3104531
    As part of Carters’ endurance range, this fibreglass hand axe is extremely durable so you can use it time and again without having to worry about the axe losing its resilience. The steel head is sharp enough to cut through branches and firewood, while the robust fibreglass handle ensures this axe remains lightweight.

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    • Hatchet crafted from hardened steel with a lightweight fibreglass handle
    • Hand axes are suited to chopping smaller items, as their compact design allows for plenty of impact on a small surface area
    • Suitable for trimming stray branches and splitting firewood
    • Tools from the Endurance range are designed with the construction industry in mind, so every tool is solid and reliable
  • Code:3105108
    Long, narrow and sharp, these IRWIN Gilbow tin snips are designed to take on a range of tasks and materials, and are crafted from premium materials to ensure a long life.

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    • Tin spins crafted from drop-forged carbon steel
    • Tin snips, otherwise known as tinman’s shears or tinner snips, are designed to cut sheet metal and other materials
    • Hardened, tempered, ground and glazed
    • Hollow-ground jaw extends the life of the cutting edges
  • Code:3105799
    When you don’t have time to deal with rounded-off, rusted or painted bolts, you need to reach for this IRWIN bolt-grip socket set. Featuring a unique reverse-spiral flute, these sockets grip nuts and bolts securely so you can loosen them with ease. Supplied with five different sizes, this base set is sure to come in handy.

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    • Bolt-grip set designed with a reverse-spiral flute that bites down for maximum gripping power
    • Crafted from powerful carbon steel
    • Each set features five 3/8in square drive rounded bolt-grip sockets: 10mm / 11mm / 13mm / 14mm / 16mm
    • Can be used with most tools including ratchets, wrenches, pliers, sockets and more
  • Code:3106000
    This Draper flooring trowel has been designed specifically for simplifying masonry tasks. The smooth base allows you to flatten cement and other materials efficiently, while the pointed nose ensures you can get into tricky corners without creating avoidable difficulties.

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    • Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade with lacquered finish
    • Soft-grip handle
    • Length: 400mm
  • Code:3106705
    This Stanley FatMax screwdriver set consists of nine expertly crafted tools, including parallel-tip, flared-tip and pozidriv screwdrivers. Each is crafted from chrome-vanadium steel with colour-coded soft-grip handles that make using them comfortable.

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    • Professional-quality screwdrivers
    • Chrome-vanadium steel blades
    • Soft-grip handles are colour-coded for easy identification
    • Smooth domed ends for fast spinning action
    • Contents:
    - Three parallel-tip screwdrivers: 3mm x 50mm, 4mm x 100mm, 6.5mm x 30mm
    - Three flared-tip screwdrivers: 5.5mm x 100mm, 6.5mm x 150mm, 8mm x 150mm
    - Three Pozidriv screwdrivers: PZ0 x 75mm, PZ1 x 100mm, PZ2 x 125mm
  • Code:3108822
    The Stanley FATMAX measuring tape has been designed with versatility and ease in mind. The Mylar-coated blade is not only long but wide, with both imperial and metric measurements, so reading and recording sizes is particularly easy. This is aided by the fact the true-zero hook features smaller catches on the top, bottom and sides, so it you can take measurements from a variety of angles.

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    • Lengthy, 32mm-thick Stanley measuring tape blade supplied in a high-impact ABS plastic case
    • The case features a rubberised bumper and a super comfortable grip
    • Tape features both metric and imperial measurements
    • Mylar coating on the blade ensure durability, so it lasts up to ten times longer than traditionally coated blades
    • Solid true-zero end hook provides absolute accuracy, as well as additional hooks at the top, bottom and side for versatility
    • Simple, sturdy design ensures this tape measure can be used for a variety of tasks, including marking social distancing measurements

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    Class II accuracy

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    Builders / architects / carpenters / plumbers
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