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  • Code:3181440
    The Armorgard TrekDror is a super-strong stackable storage drawer box designed for keeping your equipment safe and secure in your vehicle. It provides simple tool storage and features two highly secure deadlocks.

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    • Durable, stackable storage station for use in vehicles
    • Drawers use ball-bearing runners for smooth, clean operation
    • Drawers extend out almost 80% of its depth and can even be removed entirely
    • Two secure, keyed-alike five-lever deadlocks
    • Manufactured from robust 1.5mm powder-coated steel
    • Supplied with three keys
    • Dividers, mounting kits and more available separately

    Available in…
    External dimensionsInternal dimensionsWeight
    490mm x 1105mm x 300mm405mm x 145mm44kg
    980mm x 1105mm x 200mm900mm x 1040mm x 145mm63kg
    490mm x 1105mm x 490mm405mm x 1040mm x 435mm58kg
  • Code:3188847
    Though they may look simple, these ProDec craftsman brushes are ergonomically designed to make painting easy and comfortable. From detail brushes ideal for tricky or hard to reach places, to larger brushes that make painting big surface areas simple, these brushes are sure to quickly become any decorator’s favourites.

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    • Professional brushes crafted with pure bristles and synthetic SRT filaments
    • Ensure an exceptional finish
    • Holds on to paint with ease
    • High-quality varnished wood handle

    Available in...
    12mm / 25mm / 50mm / 76mm / 100mm

    Great for...
    Painters / decorators
  • Code:3188815
    Versatile yet simple, these ProDec tiger-stripe emulsion roller sets contain everything you need to thoroughly paint a variety of surfaces. Available with one or two medium-pile acrylic sleeves per pack, each set features an easy-to-clean frame and a robust tray.

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    • Cage roller frame featuring an easy-to-clean plastic handle
    • Medium-pile 230mm acrylic roller sleeve
    • Large paint tray
    • Can be used with standard emulsion and masonry paints

    Available in…
    Pack of one sleeve / pack of two sleeves

    Great for...
    Painters / decorators / masonry
  • Code:3188831
    ProDec paint scuttles are ideal for painters and decorators, as they are incredibly easy to use and feature strong metal handles that make transporting the buckets simple – regardless of whether they are filled to the rounded-rim or completely empty. Capable of holding water-based or solvent-based paint, these scuttles are sure to come in handy.

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    • Robust plastic paint scuttle with a sturdy metal handle
    • Capable of holding multiple litres of water-based or solvent-based paint
    • Rounded rim helps to ensure liquids remain inside the bucket
    • Suitable for paint rollers up to 150mm wide
    • Scuttles feature clear markings in both litres and gallons

    Available in...
    5L / 15L

    Great for...
  • Code:3188834
    Applying an even amount of filler into cracks and crevices has never been easier thanks to these ProDec rosewood filling knives. Featuring a durable yet flexible full tang steel blade and a traditional rosewood handle, these filling knives are sure to make filling any unsightly surfaces easier.

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    • Durable yet flexible filling knives ideal for forcing filler into crevices and cracks
    • Feature a full tang steel blade
    • Strong traditional rosewood handle is comfortable to hold

    Available in...
    25mm / 50mm

    Great for...
  • Code:31B0033
    Smaller than a sledgehammer but just as useful when it comes to light demolition jobs, these Carters hickory club hammers are a seriously useful tool to have around. The short handle and lightweight construction enables single-handed use, so you can use a chisel or hold nails in place at the same time.

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    • Bright-faced club hammers ideal for various light demolition tasks
    • Genuine hickory handle
    • Handle length: 254mm

    Available in…
    1kg / 1.8kg
  • Code:31B0035
    Otherwise known as lump hammers, these club hammers from Carters are essential for anyone who partakes in masonry and light-duty demolition. Plus, since these hammers are from Carters’ PolyfibrePRO line you can guarantee they are lightweight yet durable due to their fibreglass construction.

    Learn more...
    • Club hammers ideal for masonry and light demolition
    • Double-injected rubberised grip helps to protect you from overstrike
    • PolyfibrePRO handles are 254mm long with fibreglass cores and are designed with strength and comfort in mind
    • The fibreglass shaft will not rot, shrink or loosen over time
  • Code:31B0039
    Make driving nails simpler with these Carters sledgehammers. Large and hardy, these sledgehammers feature grade A genuine hickory handles and powerful heads, which work together to ensure you can exert plenty of force.

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    • Sledgehammers with grade A hickory handles
    • Metal head distributes pressure and power over a wide area to drive nails
    • Replacement handles available separately
  • Code:31B0042
    These premium Carters PolyfibrePRO sledgehammers are ideal for a wide variety of jobs and are sure to deliver outstanding results throughout their long lifespan. Crafted from rot-resistant polyfibre that won’t shrink or loosen through periods of inactivity, the lengthy handles allow you to exert plenty of force while the metal head drives nails with ease.

    Learn more...
    • Heavy-duty sledgehammers with premium polyfibre handles
    • Feature integral strike protection
    • Shaft will not rot, shrink or loosen over time
    • Handle length: 914mm

    Available in...
    3.2kg / 6.4kg
  • Code:31B0101
    This premium Buffalo cold chisel is crafted from hardened, tempered chrome vanadium steel to ensure you can cut cold metals in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you’re using a heating torch or a forge, this cold chisel will help you remove waste metal swiftly, resulting in a smooth finish.

    Learn more...
    • Forged from chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel
    • Hardened in accordance with BS 3066: 1995
    • Induction hardened and tempered
    • Dimensions: 300mm x 19mm

    Get technical...
    BS 3066:1995
  • Code:31B0411
    Available in a wide variety of sizes, these Buffalo deep sockets make removed bolts easier than ever. Constructed from cold-forced chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel and featuring a six-point hexagonal socket, these half-inch drive sockets are definitely handy to have around.

    Learn more...
    • Cold-forced chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel sockets
    • Six-point hexagon socket
    • 0.5-inch drive
    • Large lengths are suitable for accessing recessed bolts

    Available in…
    17mm / 21mm / 24mm / 27mm / 30mm / 32mm
  • Code:31B1701
    If you need a brush for those less detail-orientated decorating tasks such as gluing and undersealing, try these Buffalo paint brushes. At up to twenty brushes per pack, they’re extraordinarily good value for money and are sure to help you complete those tricky tasks.

    Learn more...
    • Great value-for-money brushes
    • Ideal for tasks such as gluing, undersealing and other jobs that require a hardy brush rather than a pristine finish
    • Available in various sizes
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