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Maintenance & Mobile Barriers Accessories

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  • Code:5700132
    These clips work with JSP barrier systems to make linking panels or modules far easier.

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    • Sturdy clips for the JSP Titan barrier system
    • Also work with the Frontier barrier range
    • Barriers available separately

    Available in...
    Pack of ten
  • Code:5700300
    This JSP Surefoot Bloc cover is designed to be placed over the feet of barriers from the JSP Frontier, Cross-Link and Titan ranges. They replace the need for sandbags, adding extra weight and therefore stability to the barriers.

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    • Barrier-foot cover crafted from heavy-duty recycled PVC
    • Compatible with the feet on Frontier, Cross-Link and Titan barriers
    • Add additional weight to barriers, making these covers an ideal alternative to sandbags
    • Can also be used in conjunction with Frontier telescopic stability poles
    • Slip-resistant studs grip the ground
    • Features two handles for easy transportation
    • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Code:5728818
    The Frontier traffic barrier is constructed from sturdy, UV-resistant blow-moulded HDPE and has been thoroughly tested to ensure stability, particularly when paired with these telescopic stability poles.

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    • Telescopic stability poles for the Frontier traffic barrier
    • Used to brace two barriers together to increase wind resistance and stability
    • Using these barriers enables you to stabilise barriers between 1m and 1.8m
    • Barrier system available separately
  • Code:5728903
    Creating a sturdy, flexible barrier is made easy thanks to this JSP WorkGate barrier system. Crafted from strong yet lightweight high-density polypropylene, the barrier is sturdy, but it can be made even more stable with this foot.

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    • Foot designed to work with WorkGate barrier systems
    • Lightweight to ensure easy storage and handling

    Great for...
    Leisure / retail / education / healthcare / transport / maintenance / factories
  • Code:5758000
    The Melba Swintex Road Rock is a multifunctional barrier base suitable for use as either a temporary crowd control barrier when stacked or as a ballast with the Melba Swintex Gate barrier system.

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    • Manufactured from 100% recycled material
    • Withstands winds of Class B wind speeds (17.6m/s)
    • Features a handle for easy lifting
    • Entirely stackable so you can create a traffic barrier
    • Dimensions 315mm x 308mm x 500mm
    • Weight: 15kg
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