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Winter Vehicle Accessories

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    A good de-icing spray is a necessity for storing in your vehicle during the winter. This car de-icer features a power-jet nozzle that creates a wide spray to cover large areas quickly, and uses a fast-acting formula that defrosts windscreens as low as -15°C, prevents them from re-freezing and protects the rubber on wiper blades.

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    • Power-jet nozzle creates a wide spray for great coverage
    • Rapidly defrosts windscreens, even at temperatures as low as -15°C
    • Prevents re-freezing
    • Protects rubber on wiper blades

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    Size 600ml

    Part of campaign: CMPN000018
  • Code:3433013
    An essential part of anybody’s winter car maintenance, this antifreeze solution also doubles up as a coolant in the summer for year-round vehicle protection. Its formula is free of methanol, nitrites, amines and phosphates and is suitable for all vehicles, protecting them for up to five years.

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    • Free of methanol, nitrites, amines and phosphates
    • No need to change with the seasons, works as both an antifreeze and coolant solution
    • Protects for up to five years

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    BS6580: 2010

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