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Compliance Through Quality

Compliance is vital to your business success and the safety of your staff

Our product assurance process ensures that our high-quality products and services are specified and tested by leading safety experts. This is designed to give you the utmost confidence that you're protecting your people and your business with the very best.

Our approach is focussed on compliance through quality by:

  • Making you compliant with H&S legislation
  • Encouraging best practices
  • Providing the right products
  • Avoiding hidden costs

The Total Cost of Safety

Our deep understanding of safety economics helps you save on the total cost of safety.

No business should compromise on safety. In fact, doing so is a false economy due to the many hidden costs involved. Work-related accidents and ill-health costs UK businesses £3 billion every year, with oversights costing companies more in claims, increased insurance and fines for poor safety management.

We have an unparalleled understanding of how these hidden costs affect the total cost of safety. With Arco, you can have complete confidence that you are buying the most appropriate, reliable and effective products on the market. This allows you to keep your people and business safe in the most cost-effective way.

Total Cost of Safety

Raising Standards

The workplace is constantly evolving to new safety challenges, and with us as your partner, you can be sure you'll stay compliant with the latest health and safety legislation.

Our commitment to excellence means we continue to influence industry standards in safety. We call out sub-standard products and drive safety standards to keep your people safe via a unique five-step product assurance process.

Arco's Product Assurance Process

1. Supplier Evaluation Process

We have strict vendor selection criteria and processes, assessed and monitored by an independent body. This guarantees that the products you receive are not only legally compliant but are maintained to ethical and quality standards.

2. Product Development Process

Our three-tier sampling procedure ensures products are tested extensively through pre-production and production. We monitor every step of the process, whether it's developing new or re-sourced own-brand products.

3. Product Verification Process

We carry out pre-shipment inspections, either by the vendor's quality team or our own representatives. We also inspect and verify products as soon as they are received to check there's been no deterioration in quality during shipment.

4. Performance Testing Process

We undertake an intensive regime of Due Diligence Conformity Testing throughout the year, testing in our UKAS Accredited product assurance laboratory. If a product does not meet our high standards, the entire batch is quarantined before it reaches you.

5. Market Performance Evaluation Process

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop once products are shipped. We undergo constant in-market evaluation and due diligence to continuously improve our product range.

5 Stage Process

International Testing and Manufacturing Network

To provide the highest quality and best value safety products on the market, we've created an international network spanning 120 factories and 35 countries across Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

We've also invested heavily in our own state-of-the-art product assurance laboratory to give us greater opportunity to test during product development and beyond. Our lab has achieved UKAS and SATRA Accreditation, so that you have access to products that have been tested to the highest standards of compliance.

International Testing

Expert Safety and Compliance Partners

Partnering with Arco makes you part of a network of safety experts. We are members of a range of leading industry bodies, including:

  • EEF (Engineering Employers' Foundation)
  • BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation)

We're also the preferred supplier for many world-leading brands – in other words, we're trusted by the best. On top of that, you benefit from access to accredited training providers, who work with:

  • IRATA - The International Rope Access Trade Association
  • IOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
  • City & Guilds - A global leader in skills development

Delivering Compliance Through Quality

As the market leader in workplace safety, we're committed to driving standards forward so they are always fit for purpose. You benefit from our continuous testing and market surveillance, as well as our network of carefully sourced suppliers across the globe.

We know that it's not just about selling products – it's about creating a world where everyone is safe at work.

The quality, safety and reliability of our products are utmost important – because we know that the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. Register today to guarantee that you and your business stay compliant.