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Specialist Clothing Services

Personalised high-performance clothing, embroidery and badging.

With our dedicated UK clothing centre and a 200-strong team of specialists, you'll never need to look elsewhere for workplace clothing services. We combine personalisation with performance, to make sure your people both look and feel good – all while meeting the highest standards of workplace safety.

Embroidery and Badging

Our embroidery and badging service allows your business and its people to project an image that's stylish, professional and practical. We offer a choice of position, colours, styles and sizes - guaranteeing your logo, name or message stand out.

Your people aren't just employees - they're ambassadors for your whole brand. Make sure your customers know exactly who's responsible for the great work your business is doing.

We produce over 2.8 million garments a year and have partnered with J&A International for any of your heat seal badge requirements - providing you with the highest level of quality and service in the industry.

Heat-sealed badges can be applied to most fabrics and garments, as well as protective items such as hard hats. Whatever your needs, we deliver consistent quality branding throughout your workforce, maintaining your brand reputation.

Our embroidery and heat seal badging service includes:

  • Embroidery design and origination
  • Embroidery application
  • Tax tabbing and services
  • Over locked badge production and application
  • Laundry labelling
  • Heat seal application

Wearer Packing

Our Wearer Packing service is the most efficient way to get your people kitted out in exactly the items they need in order to do their jobs safely, stylishly and in comfort.

Wearer Packing removes the burden of you needing to manually organise and distribute workwear and PPE to individuals. Instead, we arrange for each employee to receive a personalised package, based on their individual requirements and sizes. It's everything your people need, from head-to-toe.

Once your order arrives, all you need to do is distribute the labelled packages, saving you valuable time, effort, and ensuring your people get exactly what they need to stay safe at work.

Our Wearer Packing service is tailored across your entire business: whether you're ordering clothing for an employee at management level or someone who works in hazardous environments, we take care of it all in one convenient delivery.

You not only save time on receipt of delivery and distribution but also get clear traceability from order to invoice, with wearer information replicated throughout the process. Wearer Packing also greatly reduces the need for additional handling, packaging and storage - which is good for the environment, as well as your business.

Wearer Packing
Wearer Packing