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Joined-up Safety Solutions

We provide you with the simplest way to manage, mitigate and remove risk at every step, thanks to our joined-up safety solutions.

We're the only safety partner with an integrated safety services business, which means you receive a strategic, end-to-end approach.

We are the ideal partner to mitigate and remove risk at your business through:

  • The convenience of a single-source supplier
  • Reducing gaps in your safety management
  • Providing solutions shaped by the hierarchy of control

Hierarchy of Risk

We know that the safety challenges you face aren’t always straightforward. That’s where our joined-up safety solutions come in.

We focus on prevention before protection, addressing the root cause of your safety issues and mitigating risk for your business.

We help you understand that the answer to your challenges is often a combination of complementary solutions.

We work with you to look for ways to apply the hierarchy of risk control across your business effectively. This approach guarantees a robust solution that ensures you achieve either total risk transfer, significant risk reduction, or improved management of that risk.

Hierarchy of Risk

Our comprehensive range of solutions can be tailored around your individual needs and covers four key areas of capability:

  • Consultancy - accredited experts work with you through HSG65 Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Training - highly-skilled specialists to support all areas of your business, from operatives through to senior executives
  • Services - bespoke solutions for working at height, in confined spaces and more
  • Equipment - the technical products for your specific risks, with flexible hire services

Trusted Single-source Supplier

We're on a mission to keep you, your people and your business safe. That's why we work with well-known safety brands to give you a single-source supplier you can trust for safety products as well as solutions.

We provide you with a comprehensive range of products and training, all from one source – streamlining your business' safety process and ensuring no detail is missed.

This approach is just one of the reasons we're the trusted safety partner of many of the UK's leading companies, most iconic venues and heritage projects.

We're also a trusted advisor to the UK Government on a range of safety solutions.

Trusted Single-source Supplier

We are the only safety partner with an integrated safety services business. Register today and start to manage, mitigate and remove risk at your own business.