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Safety in Construction

Safety solutions for the construction industry, backed by science

Head impact and eye injuries. Hearing and respiratory hazards. Falls from height and dropped objects. Construction workers face all of these and more day in and day out, so they rely on integrated safety and health solutions from 3M to help keep them protected and comfortable.

3M's approach goes well beyond providing quality personal protective equipment (PPE). With knowledgeable industry experts committed to developing worker-inspired innovations, the 3M team delivers new technology and in-depth training that can make a measurable impact on worker health and safety.

Enhance your understanding of construction site hazards and improve your safety protocols with 3M's Construction eBooks. These comprehensive resources provide valuable insights into common site hazards, alongside best practices and suggested PPE options to help keep your workers safe and healthy.

Respiratory Hazards

Respiratory functions may be compromised by exposure to dust, silica, asbestos, manganese, paint, chemicals and more. Workers in construction fields are exposed to airborne hazards every day. 3M can help you to identify risks and find suitable solutions with a wide range of respiratory protection equipment.

Find the information you need for construction worker safety and health when exposed to workplace hazards with 3M's PPE for work with silica, welding and grinding in construction eBook.


Working at Height

Working at height can be inside or outside a building, whether it's working on roofs, scaffolds, ladders, or equipment such as cradles or cherry pickers. Regardless of distance, all work at height has the potential to cause serious or fatal injuries to workers should a fall occur. 3M Fall Protection offers the equipment, training, knowledge and expertise to help give construction workers confidence to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Working at Height

Discover the best practices for key applications involving work elevated platforms, scaffolding and leading-edge activities with 3Ms working at heights eBook.

Hearing Hazards

Noise is a complex hazard. Harmful noises can endanger a workers hearing, or hinder their ability to communicate safely. You need to enable workers to communicate safely at a distance, whilst also maintaining work, and alerting them to critical warning signals, but protecting them from hazardous noises.

Noise levels can range from 85dB to 130 dB with high risk of irreversible damage, such as Noise-induced hearing loss (NHL). Communication distances can range from a few metres face-to-face, to a few kilometres. That is why you need a smart hearing solution.

Find useful information to help improve construction to help improve construction worker health and safety in environments with excessive noise with 3M's PPE for hearing conservation in construction eBook.

Hearing Hazards

Safety in Construction Resources