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Hearing Protection

Hearing detection, protection, selection.

Hearing is a gift. How we communicate with the world and how we experience it is often directly connected to our sense of hearing. We can recognize people and surroundings just by the sounds they make. But as important as our sense of hearing is, it is also very fragile.

Noise is a dangerous hazard. Very often hearing deterioration goes unnoticed for a long time, as humans seemingly adapt to existing noise. It is proven that repeated exposure to loud sounds, can cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Even a short noise impulse, if loud enough, can irreparably damage the hearing. But noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable.

Recognize the noise hazard, according to many common sounds at work and in everyday life.

Discover Product Options Designed for Different Work Environments

In modern industrial applications, workers face a wide range of noise hazards. But many sounds are still important to hear. Sometimes a conversation or the sound of the machine is vital to the work’s progress and the worker's safety. 3M has a range of hearing protection solutions, including products that improve your ability to hear in noisy environments.

3M Hearing Protection Products