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Head-to-Toe PPE Solutions Specialist

One of the most sustainable manufacturers in PPE. German engineering at its best.

uvex, founded in 1926, is uniquely positioned as it manufactures over 80% of its head-to-toe PPE products in its own European factories, retaining 100% control of design, quality and its sustainable performance.

As a family owned German business uvex has been protecting people and the planet for well over a decade. Their commitment to sustainability is not new and has been continuously measuring, improving, managing, and reporting its performance for well over a decade. As a result, it has not only implemented over 300 measures to improve its green credentials, it has also reduced its CO2 output by 70%, since 2012. That's a staggering drop from 13,679,151 kg to 4,101,659 kg.

The company also uses globally recognised frameworks such as GRI, EcoVadis (with bronze accreditation), the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, REACH and Proposition 65, as well as ILO (International Labour Organisation) to improve its performance and transparently report on its efforts. This allows individuals and businesses to see for themselves the importance uvex places on limiting its impact on the planet while realising its mission of protecting people.

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Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

uvex knows that personal protective equipment (PPE) is personal and one size does not fit all. What suits one person, may not suit another. It may seem obvious, but correctly sized PPE can help avoid accidents, reduce discomfort and increase productivity.