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Committed to Sustainability

Protecting People and the Planet

With CO₂ emissions rocketing and global warming soaring, the climate crisis is escalating rapidly.

uvex are not just passionate about protecting people at work; they're also committed to safeguarding the planet for future generations. It is only possible to protect people, by working to preserve and protect the environment too. That's why uvex integrate sustainability into everything they do, from product design and manufacturing, to packaging and distribution.

uvex understand that, as a responsible business, they have a duty to minimise impact on the environment. Using globally recognised and approved frameworks such as ISO, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and EcoVadis to gather, measure and transparently report progress, they can identify areas of improvements and track progress towards there sustainability goals.

Transparency Through Carbon Foot Printing

uvex believe in open communication and data-driven decision-making. uvex aren't perfect yet, but are committed to the long-term. That's why they've calculated the CO₂ footprint of their products using the cradle-to-customer principle to allow them to identify areas for development and continuously reduce environmental impact.

While uvex are one of the first manufacturers to do this, this practice is expected to become increasingly commonplace. They also don't restrict these calculations to a range of sustainable products, the goal is to calculate this for all products in their portfolio.

With the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and EU Taxonomy Regulation soon to come into force (requiring large and listed companies in the EU to annually disclose detailed sustainability information, including environmental impact, social responsibility and governance practices), the carbon footprint of every product used in a company (including businesses that use PPE), is set to become an important part of the organisation’s overall carbon footprint.

Here's What You Can Expect From uvex

A reduced carbon footprint: In the past 15 years, uvex has managed to reduce its CO₂ footprint by 70 percent (in scope 1 and 2). High-quality standards for products are combined with the development of recycling concepts and the use of bio-based materials. The durability and long service life of uvex products help to reduce waste going to landfill and conserve resources.

Environmentally responsible materials: uvex use recycled, renewable or mass-balanced materials whenever possible, minimising reliance on virgin resources.

Resource-efficient production: uvex manufacturing processes have been optimised to reduce energy consumption, waste and water usage. The company has been using green electricity since 2014, with over 90% of the energy consumed coming from green energy sources - generating annual CO₂ savings - by utilising solar panels at its factories, which are based in Europe.


Reuse, reduce, recycle: uvex collect production waste and reuse it within their products or give it another lease of life.

  • In eyewear production in Germany, for example, polycarbonate waste from production is now sold to third party suppliers to be recycled into coat hangers and furniture feet.
  • The uvex footwear production site in Italy, integrates surplus polyurethane from its own production processes and granulates it which it then directly injects into its safety footwear midsole with no impact on the footwear's performance. As a result, 85% of all uvex safety footwear has at least one recycled component.
  • uvex gloves produced not far from Hamburg in a state-of-the-art, CO₂-neutral and solvent-free production facility, has made efficiency improvements reducing waste by 30 tonnes over a year. It has refined processes of its dip tanks used for its coatings to save coating waste. The energy used in this plant uses green electricity (since 2014) and green gas (since 2017). The electricity purchased consists of 100% renewable energy and also promotes new renewable energy plants.

More sustainable packaging: uvex use recycled and recyclable packaging materials, minimising our environmental impact.

  • Minimisation / optimisation of packaging (outer carton and sleeve)
  • 80% paper wrap made of FSC-certified paper
  • Outer box sealed with adhesive tape: wet adhesive tape with starch-based adhesive made from potatoes

Transparent labelling: uvex products are clearly labelled with their carbon footprint, empowering you to make informed purchasing decisions.

Calculating the CO₂ footprint of its products making them measurable, comparable and improvable. It further demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability and allows consumers to make informed choices.

Providing these figures is a huge achievement because it means uvex can show something tangible rather than just relying on claims. In the future, uvex believes it will become the norm to compare the CO₂ emissions of products in the same way as we currently compare the prices of products.

Join uvex on the Journey to a Greener Planet

By choosing uvex products, you're not just protecting yourself and your workforce, you're also making a positive impact on the planet, helping to create a safer and more sustainable future for everyone.

Ready to make a difference?

Explore what CO₂ calculated products are available from Arco and learn more about uvex sustainability initiatives and achievements.

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