With this current spell of beautiful sunshine you may prefer not to think beyond summer, but our warmer than usual temperatures may soon give way to a frosty autumn and a snowy winter. So now is a good time to think about how you can avoid the lost time and site closures extreme weather conditions can cause and keep your staff safe. At Arco we can provide expert advice and have a fully comprehensive range of products to help you effectively deal with these conditions.

Be prepared and don't leave it till the last minute. Stock up on essential workplace safety items and necessary kit for your employees. Ensure that they are kept maintained and are in good working order.

A Guide to Safer Salting

  • Spread Uniformly - Ensure the whole area is covered and there are no missed patches that can become slippery.
  • Pre-salt - It is important to try and put out salt before ice forms. This can be done at a much lower application rate than salting to melt ice that has already formed and is therefore more cost effective.
  • Application Rates - For pre-salting ideal application rates are half a cup, approximately 20g, per square metre. Full salting will be one cup, approximately 40g, per square metre. If it rains after pre‑salting and then freezes, you will have to salt normally. The application rate will vary depending on frost or snow.
Suggested De-icing Salt Spread Rates
Frost 0°C to -5°C 10 to 20g Snow 0°C to -5°C 25 to 40g
Frost below -5°C 20 to 30g Snow below -5°C 40 to 50g

De-icing Salt

Our road salt is always the highest purity and is marine harvested 'white' salt. It conforms to British Standard 3247: Salt for Spreading on Highways for Maintenance. Containing over 99.5% pure Sodium Chloride, our marine salt is an excellent de-icer.

Product Code Availability
25kg Single Bag 5505010 Pick up from your Local Store
42 25kg bags (pallet) 5505009 Delivery - Order Now
1000kg bag 5505020 Delivery - contact your Local Sales Office
Loose tonne (min 10 tonnes) 5505021 Delivery - contact your Local Sales Office

Remember when salting:

  1. Salt will not work at much lower than -5°C
  2. Pre-salting will save time and money
  3. Follow the correct application rates per square metre
  4. White salt is a better de-icer than grit. It has a higher sodium chloride content.

Coloured De-icing Salt

Our new blue coloured de-icing salt allows for easy identification of where salt is applied, showing the individual where it is safe to walk and where an area has been gritted.

Product Code Availability
49 20kg bags (pallet) 5505026 Delivery - Order Now

Winter Wizard

A special mix of Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride, which combined together results in a fast acting de-icing salt. Winter Wizard prevents re-freezing for up to 24 hours, making it ideal for long spells of cold weather.

Product Code
1.5kg Stick 5505030
5kg Tub 5505025
12kg Tub 5505022

Grit Bins

Manufactured from tough, weather-resistant moulded polyethylene with vandal-resistant hinged top. This robust grit bin is available in two sizes. Supplied in yellow.

Product Code Capacity
7 x 25 kg bags 5712006 6 cubic feet
15 x 25 kg bags 5712012 12 cubic feet

Salt Spreading Equipment

It can be a time consuming and labour intensive job to salt large areas regularly such as paths, pavements, car parks and playgrounds. However it is imperative to keep them clear of snow and ice so that they are safe for pedestrians and drivers. Using salt spreading equipment is a quick, convenient method of spreading the correct concentration of salt, in a uniform layer.

Spinner Salt Spreaders

These spreaders enable large areas of ground to be salted with minimum effort. The salt is held in a storage hopper and gravity-fed on to a distribution disk, which dispenses the salt evenly in a radial motion. Ideal for de-icing car parks, playgrounds and other areas where mass salt coverage is required in a short period of time.

Hand Pushed

Heavy-Duty Hand Push Spinner

Heavy-Duty Hand Push Spinner

Heavy-duty hand push spinner, ideal for larger areas.

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Arco Hand Push Spinner

Hand Pushed Spinner Salt Spreader

Economy hand push spinner, ideal for occasional use.

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Medium duty Towed Spinner

Medium-Duty Towed Spinner Spreader

Ideal for towing behind a forklift or small tractor.

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Large Towed Spinner Type Salt

Large Towed Spinner Spreader

The largest towed spinner in our range, ideal for covering large sites.

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How to maintain a spreader

Salt is a highly corrosive substance so can easily damage spreaders if they are not maintained correctly. Poor maintenance and misuse accounts for 50% of problems with spreaders, the remaining coming from poor quality salt.

  • Always rinse out spreaders after use
  • Spray moving parts with lubricants such as WD40 during regular use
  • Check oil in gearbox annually
  • Never leave salt in your spreader between de-icing works

Snow Ploughs for Fork Lift Trucks

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 include recommendations for keeping sites safe and preventing slips and trips at work. In severe weather conditions, arrangements should be made to minimise risks from snow on footpaths, access routes, car parks and surrounding areas. Clearing snow as soon as possible will ensure that your employees and visitors can access your site safely.

It is recommended that you start clearing snow and ice in the morning, even removing the top layer of snow is beneficial as over the day the sun will melt the ice beneath. Remove any snow that is thicker than 40mm with a snow shovel or other more heavy-duty equipment. Melt the remaining snow to prevent ice forming by spreading de-icing salt on the cleared area. Pre-salt the path before it goes dark to prevent it from re-freezing overnight.

Forklift Fixed Snow Plough

A fork mounted plough with a fixed bladeposition which clears the snow to the left

Code Width Max Fork Size (mm) Fork Spread (mm) Weight (kg)
5771220 1220 140x50 830 95
5771525 1525 140x50 830 110

Snow Shovels and Scoops

One of the most common and effective ways of clearing paths and access routes is a snow shovel. It is recommended to always choose the widest blade available.

When clearing an area such as a path, begin with a section running down the middle so that you have a surface to walk on. Then work along the cleared area and simply shovel the snow from the centre towards the sides. Remember not to clear snow into an area where it may cause an obstruction. Finally cover the cleared patch with de-icing salt to prevent re-freezing.

Snow Shovel with Steel ice cutter

A robust design for the most demanding conditions.

Code Length (mm) Blade Width (mm)
5502100 1340 450

Snow Scoop

Economical solution to snow clearing tasks.

Code Length (mm) Blade Width (mm)
5505017 1440 440

Snow Scoop with metal blade

Economy snow scoop with large metal-edged plastic scoop for easy snow removal.

Code Length (mm) Blade Width (mm)
5502106 1200 430


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