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Lock-out Tag-out Try-out Programme

We can provide the guidance and expertise you need on implementing a Lock-out Tag-out Try-out programme in your workplace.

A Lock-out Tag-out Try-out (LOTOTO) programme is a solution designed to ensure any equipment is securely isolated to mitigate against any unexpected start-up of machinery, helping avoid injuries and fatalities to those working on them.

There are several steps to consider in detail before rushing into implementing a LOTOTO programme.

Step 1 - Assessment

The first step is to identify any equipment which requires energy isolation while carrying out maintenance repairs or cleaning.

For each piece of equipment, you should begin to collect information regarding its energy sources and isolation points (valves, switches, breakers, etc) to identify where LOTOTO needs to be deployed.

Consider any environmental factors such as limited space, nearby activities and any necessary equipment adaptions that would need to be made.

Carry out a risk assessment and document any mechanical valves and/or life safety systems that are required to remain on for safety purposes during a LOTOTO procedure.

Step 2 - Identification

Using the information, gathered from assessment, you should now be able to identify each equipment's requirements. This helps to outline the LOTOTO procedure and should be posted alongside the equipment for easy access.

Step 3 - Implementation

Once the equipment appraisal and procedures have been reviewed, a written LOTOTO policy and implementation plan can be prepared.

The policy should describe the process required to successfully control hazardous energy in the workplace. This should also include the appropriate training and responsibilities, along with details for restoring equipment to normal operation.

Top Tip: Contact Arco if you need support in evaluating and delivering your LOTOTO programme. We are experts in health and safety and can help you carry out risk assessments and define your LOTOTO solution.

Step 4 - Training

All responsible and authorised employees, highlighted within the planning and evaluation stage, need to be fully trained and equipped with all the relevant LOTOTO products before they are put in place.

For safety reasons, you should only use products that have been specifically designed for implementing LOTOTO procedures.

Informing any new or replacement staff on how to recognise and use LOTOTO equipment should be an essential part of induction training.

Step 5 - Implementation

When implementing your new LOTOTO programme, it's important to challenge the way your workplace approaches safety.

To do this, introduce leadership participation during the planning and implementation stages by monitoring behaviours, listening to employees, and adapting the programme to ensure its successfully implemented and adapted to suit the needs of those who will be using it.

A regular audit of the plans and procedures should be undertaken to ensure they are being fully utilised correctly and adjusted as required.

Common reasons for a LOTOTO procedure needing to be updated include staff changes, equipment upgrades, breakdowns, and efficiency improvements.

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