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Lock-out Tag-out Try-out

From guidance on isolation, expert advice, site surveys to product selection, we can help.

Employees can be seriously or fatally injured if machinery they are servicing, cleaning, or repairing starts up or re-energises unexpectedly.

Lock-out Tag-out Try-out (LOTOTO) is a term that's recently evolved from its predecessor Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) a physical method of isolating equipment from dangerous energy sources and providing a highly visible written warning indicating that equipment should not be used. A planned LOTOTO procedure is an effective way of reducing risks involved when maintaining, cleaning, or repairing equipment.

When implemented correctly, not only does LOTOTO reduce the risk of injury but also increases productivity by reducing downtime, and costs associated with repairs after unexpected start-ups, in addition, it limits the risk of liability and prosecution for employers too.

Lockout padlock and tag applied to equipment

Safety Regulations

As a best practice, Lock-out Tag-out Try-out is an effective way to protect employees from an unexpected start-up of equipment. Learn about the regulations and your legal obligations as an employer.

An array of lockout tagout products on a work bench

Our Range

We have a comprehensive range of LOTOTO product solutions to meet your business’ needs – helping you to minimise the likelihood of accidents at work and protecting your people from unexpected start-up of...

Assessor in hi-vis conducting a site survey with member of staff

Advice and Support

We offer guidance on setting up and effectively implementing your own Lock-out Tag-out Try-out programme including lockout tagout surveys, guidelines, and steps on how to isolate equipment...

Variety of lockout padlocks and tags applied to a circuit board


When implementing a Lock-out Tag-out Try-out solution in your workplace, a well-designed programme is needed to detail all the necessary processes required. Explore the considerations to...

Lockout isolation device being fitted to valve

Isolation Guidance

Working on industrial equipment and machinery can be incredibly dangerous. Follow our 10-step process to ensure that hazardous energy sources are isolated and rendered inoperable before any maintenance...

Man in hi-vis vest with clipboard conducting a site survey

Site Surveys

Ensure you’ve implemented LOTOTO correctly. Our experts can survey your site(s) and provide a comprehensive LOTOTO report. We’ll work with you to create a tailored LOTOTO plan and advise you on...

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