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About FLX

Empowering individuals to manage and prevent MSD pain

Arco is partnering with FLX Health to offer a world-first physiotherapy app that helps to manage and prevent musculoskeletal problems without referral to a healthcare professional.

Many musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can be avoided, or their symptoms reduced, with simple exercises. The FLX app empowers individuals to manage pain and take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

As well as being painful and disabling for the individual, MSDs can also have significant financial business implications.

Keep Your Business Active with Healthy, Happy Employees

Combining decades of physiotherapy experience and biomechanical expertise, the FLX app provides personalised exercise programmes to address the impacts of modern living. It's an excellent solution if you're an employer looking for a way to reduce sick days and boost productivity and keep your people in work, healthy, happy and active.


Empowering. Easy to Use. Your Employees will Thank You.

Find out more about the FLX app in this video:

What Features are Included in the App?

  • Different programmes to suit different needs: Employees can choose from the pain programme or the biomechanics programme depending on if they are looking to address an existing problem or develop healthy biomechanics
  • Clinically proven algorithms help identify your employees’ biomechanical fitness profile from a series of screening tests and questions
  • Personalised exercise plans, which automatically adapt to suit the level of pain and address changing biomechanical needs
  • Alerts users to any potentially serious issues and recommends they seek medical help
  • Employees can track their own progress, including the level of pain they’re experiencing

Benefits for Employers and Employees

With regular use the app can help your employees stay fit for a life of happy and healthy movement.

  • Ease and manage existing pain and injury
  • Return from sick leave sooner
  • Prevent musculoskeletal disorders developing before problems arise
  • Improve physical health and overall wellbeing
  • Show customers and your workers that you take their health seriously

Developed by Experts

The FLX app is built on a wealth of data on how the body works...

Chartered Physiotherapist and Biomechanics expert Martin Haines and his team measured the biomechanical function of over 4,000 people with a range of abilities (from elite athletes to more sedentary individuals) to understand how the body works. They mapped biomechanical profiles from their physical dysfunctions and past injuries. This helped the team understand key causes of pain and the most effective rehabilitation plan for each complaint. The app draws on this data to recommend treatment plans for your employees.

Photo of Martin Haines

"I'm driven by making physiotherapy treatments more effective and efficient. Forty years ago, too many patients were experiencing the same recurring issues. It was clear treatment wasn't working so we started investing in research to find out how the body works and why it moves the way it does. This has helped us to understand the root cause of many pain problems and create more effective treatment plans to aid recovery and prevent future problems."

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