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Occupational Sun Exposure

Find out about the risks, legal requirements, and prevention from occupational sun exposure.

Radiation from the sun's UV rays is an invisible killer and causes skin cancer, the most common cancer in the UK. New cases of this largely preventable disease are rising steeply, yet most people would struggle to correctly identify its symptoms. Action needs to be taken to improve sun safety awareness, prevention, and early detection, particularly for outdoor workers who are at significant high-risk.

Arco can help you to raise awareness and drive compliance on-site by providing expert information and support material to help prevent, as far as possible, new skin cancer cases from arising.

Occupational Sun Exposure Statistics


Learn about the full extent of occupational sun exposure, including the statistics, costs, and effects of this largely preventable skin disease - the real cost of ignoring workplace precautions.

Occupational Sun Exposure Standards

Safety Standards

Find out about your legal responsibilities as an employer, the steps you need to take to identify workers who have a higher risk of exposure to the sun's UV radiation, and health and safety measures.

Occupational Sun Exposure Hazards


We've outlined the hazards associated with occupational sun exposure including the symptoms, who is at risk and UV information. Find out the causes and effects to help you recognise the signs.

Occupational Sun Exposure Managing Risks

Managing Risks

Find out how to effectively manage the risks of occupational sun exposure through a combination of implementing correct procedures, employee contribution and when to take necessary precautions.

Occupational Sun Exposure Advice and Support

Advice and Support

Access a package of downloadable materials to promote sun protection in your business including a toolbox talk video and presentation to help with your training programme plus awareness posters.

Shop Products

Shop Products

For the best skin sun protection products, shop our range of professional lotions, dispensers and sun protect skin safety centre to create a sun protection station encouraging the use of sunscreen.

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