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Toolbox Talks

Our videos are designed to help you keep your workplace safe

As experts in safety, we're here to help you keep your teams safe. To support you in this, we've created a collection of video toolbox talks, presented by our Technical Experts.

Ready-to-deliver, they are designed to educate your workforce on specific health and safety issues, and also create an excellent environment for team discussion and enabling more detailed conversations. Our toolbox talks can be self-presented to varying group sizes at times and frequencies to suit you. Aside from being quick and easy to deliver, our videos not only come pre-prepared removing the time and hassle of creating such materials but give you peace of mind that important health and safety topics have been addressed within your business.


Each year, thousands of workers are affected by hazardous substances in the workplace, with long term exposure seriously impacting their health and wellbeing. This toolbox talk will help you raise awareness within your workforce of the hidden risks they may be exposed to and highlight the importance of respiratory protection when working with hazardous substances.


Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the biggest occupational health problems facing us today and while it's permanent and irreversible, it's 100% preventable. This toolbox talk will assist employers to raise employees' awareness about the negative impacts of noise in the workplace and the steps that can be taken to access, reduce and control noise.

UV Sun Safety Awareness

The sun's UV rays are a carcinogen, an invisible killer and a primary cause of skin cancer. The rising number of new cases and 90% of deaths could be preventable, if the right precautions are taken. This toolbox talk can aid employers to deliver informative training to improve sun safety awareness, prevention and early detection, particularly to outdoor workers who are at significant high-risk.