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Address Book Help

Under the My Account area, you'll find a section called Addresses which will already contain all the addresses linked to your account. In this section you can:

  • Add new addresses
  • Edit or delete your existing addresses
  • Set one of your addresses as your default so it can be automatically pre-populated at checkout

Add a New Address

To add a new address, select the "Add New Address" button. From here, you can search for a location by address, postcode or company name. You can also assign a name or special delivery instructions to it.

Edit or Deleting an Existing Address

To edit or delete an existing address, click on the three dots to the right of an address and select the relevant instruction.

If your account has access to multiple addresses, you can select one as your default. Clicking the three dots next to an address also gives you the option to select "Set as default". This will make it pre-populated when you check out so it’s quicker and easier to complete your purchase.

Manage Addresses at Checkout

You can also manage your addresses at checkout. Here you can change your delivery address to one you have already saved, or you can manually add a delivery address for use on a single order only. If you have access to other accounts through your own logon, you will also be able to use their addresses here.

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