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Checkout Help

Once you’ve added your chosen products to your basket, you can complete your checkout. Depending on your account type, there may be a few admin processes to go through.

Step 1 - Log In or Check Out as Guest

At the checkout, anonymous customers will be prompted to sign in, register for an account or continue as a guest. You can also merge your basket with a previous basket from a signed-in session if applicable.

The checkout screen is organised into a series of collapsed sections which can be expanded. Account customers will have certain options set to a default with the opportunity to change them.

Step 2 - Collection and Delivery Options

You will have the option for delivery or collection. Instore collection is available for free but cannot be selected for products marked as dangerous goods or if they are not part of our standard stocked range. For instore collection, simply select the relevant store from a drop-down list, use your location, or search by place name or post code. If you’re signed in to your account, this information will auto-populate.

If you select delivery, you will be asked for your delivery address. Account customers will have a default delivery address which will be auto-populated if you are signed in. However, it is possible to edit this or select another address. If adding a completely new address, you will have the option to save this for future use. Special delivery instructions can also be added.

Next, you can select your choice of delivery option. The standard service will default for all customers and the option to change it will be dependent on the selected products. For example, items with decoration or those that are fulfilled by one of our suppliers may not be available for a faster service. Faster services may also incur additional costs and may be dependent on cut-off times (eg next-day delivery). You may see other options at this stage too, depending on your account type and chosen products. Setting a dispatch preference allows you to wait until all products on the order are in stock so you can consolidate into one delivery. Wearer packing can be used to pack products separately for individual users (see wearer packing help for more information).

Step 3 - Payment

In the payment section, cash and guest customers can select payment only with a valid card. Account customers may have the option to either pay by card or add to their account depending on which settings are enabled. They may also have minimum spending limits applied to payment methods. When paying by card, it can be saved to the account for future use.

Step 4 - Finalise Order

When all sections are complete, the checkout can be finalised. If you have it enabled on your account, the site will perform a spend control assessment and may create a requisition for approval instead of an order.

Certain orders placed by cash or guest customers may be checked manually for unusually high quantities or suspicious activity. This may cause some orders to be delayed while this is investigated. Delays can also occur if your account has been marked as dormant. If this happens, our customer services team will be notified so they can be in touch.

Orders for collection will be sent to the relevant store so they can reserve your stock. You will receive an order confirmation so you can check your order’s status. If you create a requisition, it will show as pending approval.

Additional Information - Delivery Overseas

For orders that are intended for delivery overseas, the payment details and delivery options won’t be captured online. There will also be no access to spend control or wearer packing. Once the order is placed, a notification will be sent to our Exports team who will be in touch regarding payment and delivery.

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