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Decoration Help

Decoration allows you to customise products with text or your company logo through our website. Products that can be decorated are labelled as customisable on the product page. From the basket at checkout, you can apply decoration to certain products and save the combination as a "dec-code" for future use. If your account has the relevant permissions, you will also see the cost of decoration throughout the process so you can keep track of your spend.

Firstly, Let's Look at Some Terminology:

  • Position refers to the place on the product where the decoration will be applied
  • Base product type is the type of product which will be decorated (eg T-shirt, helmet, holdall)
  • Application method means the way the decoration is applied (eg heat seal, embroidery or sticker)
  • Decoration style is whether it will appear as text or a logo

Step 1 - Select "Apply Decoration"

To decorate a product, select the "Apply decoration" option from the basket. From here you can select a position, application method and decoration style. A maximum of six decorations can be added to a product.

Step 2 - Select Position of Decoration

The position is dependent on the type of garment or product selected to ensure there are no issues of misplaced decoration further down the line.

Step 3 - Select Style and Application Method

The available options for decoration style and application method will depend on your account type. Embroidery text is available to all customers, however logos are only available to customers with an account and can be applied by a method of embroidery, heat seal or sticker.

Step 4 - Adding Text to a Garment

Embroidery text allows you to add free text and can be edited in three ways:

  • The font style is a choice between standard, italic and script
  • The font size can be between 6mm and 25mm, but this will affect the number of characters that can be added
  • The colour can be selected from a range of 20

Step 5 - Adding a Logo to a Garment

Selecting a decoration style of logo is dependent on the logos available to your customer account. To set up a logo for your customer account, head to the My Logos tile in the My Account section and select Request Logo. More information can be found on the Logo Admin help page.

Step 6 - Selecting the Decoration

Once the position, application method, decoration style and required logo have been selected, the decoration can be saved. Selecting save presents a summary screen with details of the application, product and cost. Click "Done" to return to your basket.

Step 7 - Copying a Decoration

From the basket, you can also copy the decoration you’ve just applied to other customisable items. Simply click the three dots to the right of the decorated item and select "Copy decoration". The same menu also allows you to delete decoration from an item.

Step 8 - Previewing a Decoration

To preview an already decorated item, select "Quick preview" from the same three dots. This function is also available in the order summary screen at checkout.

Step 9 - Saving a Decoration Configuration for Future Orders

If you wish to save your decorated item as a dec-code to quickly order in future, the option to save the configuration is shown on the order summary screen. Select the required products and save the configuration to view the dec-codes that have been assigned. These codes will then sync with our system and should be available for use on the website within 48 hours.

If you save a logo application, the dec-code will represent a specific combination of the position and application method. If you save an embroidery text application, the dec-code will represent a placeholder with a fixed font style, size and colour.

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