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Managed Account Info Help

Managed Account Information (MAI) is used to assign certain information at checkout such as cost centres and employee names. This can help organisations keep track of their spending. You will need to have MAI enabled on your account to be able to manage this feature.

Step 1 - Editing MAI Fields

If you have MAI enabled on your account, you can rename the header fields but would need to contact us to enable or disable fields, or make changes to format types of already-enabled fields.

MAI can be required at the basket level (header), affecting the entire basket and at individual item (line) level. A message will appear at checkout "Managed account information is required for this order" if your organisation has MAI enabled and requires some data to be filled in to complete the checkout process.

Step 2 - Setting Up MAI

When setting up the MAI against an account, you can choose the level of restrictions on the information captured:

  • Free text: user can type anything into the box
  • Format: user must type a specific format of characters (e.g. one letter followed by five digits)
  • Value: user must choose from a set of specific values on a drop-down menu (e.g. warehouse, reception, office)

The MAI is a pre-determined purchase order number and the user must select from a list. This controls the format and the values.

Other examples of managed account information can include employee names or codes, or cost centres. Cost centres are used by organisations to identify purchases made by specific people or teams. For example, a manufacturing company may have a cost centre for maintenance, so it can track how much is being spent.

Once MAI has been set up on your account by an Arco colleague, it can be associated or disassociated to individual users by administrators from the User Management tile, found in My Account. They can also be associated with payment cards so that purchases can be assigned when a card is used.

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