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On Site Delivery Service (OSDS) Help

An On Site Delivery Service (OSDS) is when the customer holds a consignment of products on their own premises. The products and volumes are parts of the OSDS contract and on a regular basis, a stock count is submitted. We use the stock count to determine any shortfall - based on reorder volumes, and restock the customer, billing them for the products we send out.

Step 1 - Managing Stock Count

Click into the On Site Delivery Service tile from within My Account and then open the count from the "More Actions" menu and enter the current stock values.

You have the option to "Save the Count" and come back to it, before submitting it. When you do this, you will see the option to "Continue the Count".

You also have the options to save the count as a .pdf or .csv file before submitting it. This is useful for using the "Bulk Upload" function later on if required.

Once the count is ready, you can select to submit and it will be marked as completed.

Step 2 - Changing Order of Products

Selecting to change the order of the products allows you to move each line up or down in the list.

Step 3 - Requesting Changes

When "Request a Change" is selected, the site presents the products in the contract and the option to mark them as "Remove" or populate the new fields with:

  • Product code
  • Description
  • Quantity

This allows you to enter the details of new products that you would like adding to the contract.

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