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Product Listing Page Help

In response to customer feedback, we've changed the product listing page which makes it easier and faster for you to select and buy products.

Step 1 – Log In or Shop as a guest

Log in to the website to see your prices or continue as a guest to see our regular list prices.

Step 2 - Browse and Find Products

Use the search bar or browse the product navigation to find the products you're interested in. Your results will be presented on a product listing page showing the following.

- Delivery dates: see when a product will be delivered to your door based on our standard delivery offer of three days.

- Split deliveries: select the quantity you need and find out if we're able to deliver the total in one consignment or if we'll need to split your order over multiple delivery dates.

- Your price: when logged in to your account, you'll see the price you'll pay and, where this is different to our regular list price, it'll be highlighted in green and labelled "your price".

Step 3 – Add to Basket and Check Out

You can add to basket straight from the listing page. If a product comprises different sizes, a drop-down menu will appear so you can select the size(s) you want. If not, you can simply add to basket from the original page.

Once the product is added to the basket either continue to shop or checkout.

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