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Check Product Restrictions (Status) Help

The Check Product Restrictions (Status) function allows you to check if any products you wish to purchase are affected by any restrictions on your account or user profile. These may be set by your account administrator to only show suitable products or for spend control reasons.

Step 1 - Select a Username

On My Account page (if you have this functionality enabled), there is a section called "Check Product Status". In this section, you can select an account number (org unit) and, if applicable, a user name to check the products against.

Step 2 - Search for a Product Code

Copy and paste a list of product codes into the box indicated. These codes can be found on an online product page or in one of our catalogues and will contain six or seven digits, or a mix of digits and letters.

Step 3 - Search for Product Restrictions

Once you've inputted the code(s) and pressed submit, the tool will indicate whether the products are purchasable, purchasable with approval, non-purchasable or invalid.

These restrictions will be shown at either user or account level, depending on the criteria you entered at the start of the process.

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