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Quotes Help

The option to request a quote for some products can be found at the bottom of the website under the My Account section. To view and manage your quotations go to your My Account page and select manage on the Orders & Requisitions tab.

Step 1 - Requesting a Quote

Clicking on "Quote Request" at the bottom of the website will take you to a form which asks for product code(s) and quantity with an optional description. Some other fields will default to your user details.

Step 2 - Entering a Product Code

A product code could be a SKU or product header code. A SKU code is specific to an individual item and helps identify its size, colour or other unique quality. Meanwhile, the product header code helps to group related SKUs together. It could group different sizes of a jacket or colours of a helmet. You're most likely to see this at the top of the product page online or in a printed catalogue or brochure. Sometimes a SKU code is used as a header code, especially where there are no other related SKUs. Both types of code usually contain six or seven characters and can consist solely of digits or a mixture of letters and digits. It doesn't matter which type of code you have access to as both will be accepted.

Click "Request" to send Arco your quote request. You will receive an email confirmation for your records.

Viewing Existing Quotes

To view existing quotes, navigate to the Orders & Requisitions section of the My Account page. Here, you can click on Quotations to view a list of quotes which can be filtered by date range. You can also search by quotation number, Arco reference number, purchase order reference or product code.

You can also filter your outstanding quotes by validity status. Quotes older than 30 days old are considered invalid.

Clicking into a specific quote and pressing Order, will let you add the quoted products to your basket.

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