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User Management Help

Key Users can manage other users within their organisation; they have the ability to create, validate and delete users as well as amend user information and permissions. User Management can also be done by Arco on behalf of the customer when requested.

Creating a New User

Step 1 - Select "Create User"

In "My Account", go into "User Management" and select "Create User".

Step 2 - Enter User Details

Populate the form with user details, including: name, phone number, job title, email address and Org Unit.

Step 3 - Identify User Role

Select appropriate user role from the dropdown. This will determine the level of permissions assigned to the new user. Key Users can create or assign the Account User role whereas Admin Users can create or assign users at Key User level. For more information on roles, see User Roles and Permissions.

Step 4 - Validate Email

The new user will immediately be sent an email asking them to validate their email address.

The new user is automatically validated because they were created within the existing account. The user will be authorised after the email address has been validated.

Validating a New User

New users must be validated by Arco Admin or an Key User within the Organisation where the new user has registered themselves and not been created by an Admin User. When a new user registers themself against a Sold To, an email will be sent to Account Users. Users can be validated from within "User Management".

Deleting and Disabling a User

Key Users can delete and disable users as required. In "User Management" when a user is selected, there are "Disable" and "Delete" options presented in the 3 dots menu.

Disabled Users are not able to sign into the website but are still visible in the user list.

Deleted Users are no longer visible on the user list.

Managing User Permissions

All Users are assigned a system role, which comes with a defined set of permissions enabled. Key Users are able to edit the permissions of other users within their Organisation.

Permissions can also be managed by Arco Administrators.

A permission is either:

  • Not Set - not visible to be able to edit
  • Enabled - switched on and green
  • Disabled -switched off and red

Detail on each permission and what it enables is presented on the permissions page.

Permissions can be managed via the "User Management" section in "My Account" by selecting a user and going to "Permissions" or by selecting multiple users and going to "More Actions" and "Manage Permissions".

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