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Wardrobe Management Help

Wardrobe management allows you to manage a defined list of products to be issued to employees with controls around product costs. If you have the relevant administrative permissions, you can create and manage employee records and their association with wearer lists and spend control.

Step 1- Setting up Employees for Wardrobe Management

To set up employees for wardrobe management, head to the Wearer Lists tile in the My Account section (if you have this functionality set up). From there, select Employees from the drop-down menu. Employees are not web users but receivers or wearers of the product(s) on the list. They do not log onto the site to place orders themselves. You can create employees individually or upload from a CSV file.

Step 2 - Creating a New Wearer List

Creating a new wearer list is a two-step process and can be done from the Wearer Lists tile in My Account or from the Add to List button on product pages. Once the new list has been named, it must be associated to at least one product group. A product group is like a wardrobe which you can manage. It will be associated to a default group if a new one is not created. You can also add further groups once the list has been created. Products can be added to your groups when searching for products or when viewing a product page, via the Add to List button. Associating employees to a wearer list can be done while viewing your list of wearer lists via the three-dot menu or by selecting the list you wish to manage. Associations can only be made to one list at a time but deleting lists can be done in bulk if necessary. When associating employees to a list, you will also set a wearer list allowance. This can be a quantity, monetary value, or bespoke points system. All types are periodic and require a monthly period to be set.

Step 3 - Purchasing a Managed Wardrobe

You can now use the list and its allowances to purchase the managed wardrobe. There are two ways to do this:

  • Add products to basket and assign to employees before checking out
  • Order by employee from the tile in the My Account section

Step 4 - Assigning Product to Employees

Assigning products to employees is done within the basket by using the More Actions button.

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