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Wearer Packing Help

Wearer packing allows your colleagues to receive their garments packed together for their individual use. This option can be selected during checkout.

If the following conditions are true, wearer packing will be available at checkout.

  • The basket contains at least one product (including dec codes and B-codes)
  • Products are stocked by Arco (rather than fulfilled by one of our suppliers)
  • The order is due for delivery rather than collection
  • The basket does not contain dangerous goods
  • Your account has wearer packing enabled

Create and Managing Wearer Packs

If your basket is eligible, you’ll be able to open the wearer packing tool. If there are any existing packages from a previously unfinished session, these will be displayed with options to edit them. From here, you can create, name and manage your wearer packs, and add or remove items. When packs are deleted, their association to the products within is broken.

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