The Arco Requisition Manager

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The Arco Requisition Manager is a powerful feature of that allows organisations with more than one buyer to control their purchases. The system works by allowing an administrator to control how other users on the account can place orders.

Instead of orders being placed straight onto the system, they are first sent to another user for approval. This user can examine the order and suggest alterations before the order is finally placed with Arco.

ARM can be setup to control user purchasing by order value and/or based on the type of items being ordered.


This section will give you a brief overview of what ARM is capable of and how it could improve the way your organisation does business with

Users on an ARM account can be set up with different configurations for flexible management of spend limits and user roles. In this section you can find out how to use the ARM Configuration Screen to set up users on your account.

Placing a requisition on is as easy as placing a normal order. In this section you can find out what the differences are in the way requisitions are handled once a user has placed them.

Approvers on ARM accounts can review requisitions before allowing them to be placed as orders with Arco. This section of the guide shows you how ARM approvers can review orders and the options that are available to them.

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