Floor Level Safety

Floor Level Safety


Slips and trips are the most common cause of non-fatal injuries to employees.


In 2013/14


  • There were 77,593 non-fatal injuries to employees reported in 2013/14, of these injuries the most common kind of accidents were caused by slips and trips (28%) (RIDDOR*)


  • The latest estimates from the Labour Force Survey (LFS**) show the rate of injuries due to slips or trips was 190 per 100,000 workers


  • An estimated 980,000 working days are lost due to slips and trips (LFS**)



* Source: Health and Safety Statistics Annual Report for Great Britain 2013/14

** Source: Health & Safety Executive, Slips & trips and falls from height in Great Britain, 2014



The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work, so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes taking steps to control slip and trip risks.


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require employers to assess risks (including slip and trip risks) and, where necessary, take action to address them.


The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. People should be able to move around safely.


Whether it is to reduce the risk of slipping on potentially treacherous surfaces or to provide fatigue-relief for standing operatives, we are here to provide you with expert advice and support to meet your individual needs.

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Whether it is to reduce the risk of slipping on potentially treacherous surfaces, or to provide

fatigue-relief for standing operatives, Arco has the ideal matting solution for greater safety and comfort in your workplace. Arco offer an unrivalled choice to suit a wide spectrum of budgets and needs.


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Flooring Products

Slip-Resistant Matting

One of the most common forms of accident in the work place is slip accidents. The strategic use of

anti-slip mats can go a long way to help prevent slip injuries. An anti-slip mat can help by providing more under foot grip on floor areas that are contaminated by water, liquids and oil.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces is very uncomfortable causing physical fatigue; reducing concentration and therefore productivity. As tiredness creeps in, joints such as the ankles and knees can tense up and become locked.  There is a tendency to shift weight from one side to the other increasing the release of muscular energy.


In 2013/14 there was an estimated 184,000 new cases of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), making MSDs the most common type of work related illness***.


Creating a comfortable and safe working environment is imperative; not least for those on the shop floor whose jobs necessitate lengthy periods of standing.


Anti-fatigue matting is more than just a comfortable standing surface, the cushioning helps to promote regular subtle foot movement reducing stress on the soles of the feet and distributing the pressure over a greater surface. This reduces muscle activity and in turn fatigue. The cushioning underlay also insulates the feet from the hard surface, cold floors, vibrations, moisture and sound.


***Source: www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/overall/hssh1314.pdf



Entrance Matting

Did you know - 70% of the dirt entering your building is brought in on the soles of people's shoes.


Although it is not a requirement to have an entrance mat it is the main barrier preventing dirt and water from being tracked on to floors.


There are three ways entrance matting can benefit your workplace:


1. Helping reduce slips and falls - The less rainwater and dirt entering your workplace, the less likely there is to be a slip or fall accident at the entrance to your building. Entrance mats absorb rainwater and dry footwear to prevent anything being walked into your workplace and creating a slip hazard.


2. Saving you money - Entrance mats effectively remove dirt and water and trap it within the mat, reducing the amount entering your workplace and the cost associated with removing it. Entrance mats also protect floors by preventing wear and tear, reducing the need for costly maintenance.


3. Presenting a clean, safe appearance - Entrance mats make the entrance to your building look clean, increasing it's overall appeal. Additionally, they show that steps are being taken to reduce risks and that safety is a priority.



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