With Poron® XRD impact protection technology to shield the metatarsal from injury

Customer feedback highlighted the need for a comfortable, flexible metatarsal boot, as traditional boots offering metatarsal protection have either a ball bearing or metal plate protecting the metatarsal area, which restricts flexibility, making the footwear bulky and ultimately uncomfortable for the wearer.

Padded ankle for ultimate support

Metatarsel protection

Black buffalo leather upper to increase durability and comfort

Reflective rear strips for increased visibility

Non-metallic composite penetration-resistant midsole with anti-static protection

Hard wearing rubber outsoles provides 300°C heat resistance and SRC slip resistance

Key Features

  • Sustained repeated impact protection
  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight

Built-in 'grooved hinges' increase flexibility, comfortably contours around the top of the foot and does not restrict movement

Moulded shapes and channels improve breathability allowing air and moisture to move freely.

Contoured, feathered edges enable a sleek, slim design to be seamlessly incorporated into the tongue of the boot. Shape and greater impact protection built in with no bulk.

Poron XRD® Foam

  • Is flexible under normal conditions, upon sudden high impact the Poron® XRD foam instantly firms creating a protective shield that takes the absorption of the strike, yet remains comfortable and non-restrictive as it returns to its 'resting' state

  • Features foam molecules that will not break down on impact or over a period of time, therefore the wearer has maximum protection on every hit

  • Is flexible: it will contour to the correct shape and provide flexibility in movement adding to wearer comfort

  • Is thin: therefore reducing the bulk of the protective shield

  • Is lightweight: the protective plate is very light and does not add very much to the overall weight of the safety boot

Arco Internal Metguard Brochure

Download the Arco Internal Metguard Brochure

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