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All the latest news and updates from the UK's leading supplier of safety clothing and equipment

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Inside Arco's New Safety Centre at Trafford Park

25 January 2022

The UK's leading health and safety expert Arco has officially opened a new Safety Centre in Trafford Park, Manchester. Created to provide both safety training and essential kit in one facility, the new Safety Centre will be home to state-of-the-art training facilities for working at height, confined space, respiratory protection, face fit testing and health & safety management as well as a new store offering over 2,000 products to choose from.

To ensure that those working in situations with potential 'mortal risk' are equipped with the necessary training and practical experience Trafford Park Safety Centre is home to purpose-built specialist training facilities. The centre contains a confined space training labyrinth including more than 30 metres of tunnels and chambers and a variety of entry points. It also offers apparatus that simulate different working at height situations, including an external rooftop training facility with additional internal rooftop systems, a working at height gantry and a pitched roof (available soon). Trafford Park Safety Centre also houses training rooms that can accommodate both large and small groups for training and meetings.

The new store, stocks a range of personal protective equipment, workwear and workplace safety equipment from all the biggest and trusted brands like TROJAN, Snickers, Regatta, Puma, DeWALT, MASCOT, CAT and lots more. To commemorate the official opening, Arco is offering 50% off* everything in-store on the 24th January and 30% off* everything for rest of the week. The Arco Clothing Centre will be on-site offering small quantity embroidery requests and as part of the MSA Recycle Helmet scheme, Arco is offering a free MSA V-Gard 520 Unvented Reduced-Peak Safety Helmet worth £12.27 for the first 50 customers who bring their old helmets into the store to recycle through MSA, in partnership with YES recycling.

Paul Frewin, Divisional Director of Regions & Retail, said:

"The opening of our new Trafford Park Safety Centre is an important milestone for Arco as it will provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for all of their safety needs. As experts in safety, we understand that each business faces its own unique and complex challenges and that, in order to manage workplace health and safety, we need to provide joined-up safety solutions to help our customers.

"The new Trafford Park Safety Centre will offer customers the best possible selection of products and services with our own in-store experts available to offer advice and training, ensuring an effortless customer experience. In addition to providing both products and services in one place, we are confident that local tradesmen will enjoy the new location within the busy industrial estate."

As industry experts, Arco's training team not only train professionals to carry out their job safely, but they also utilise these skills in the real world, supporting NHS Trusts with PPE Face-Fit Testing to protect staff throughout the pandemic, assisting in the Thailand and South Wales Cave Rescues, carrying out deep cleaning of the imperial war museum exhibits, and supporting the London Eye with a James Bond stunt ahead of the No Time to Die premier to name a few.

For more information about the new safety centre located off the A5081, Wharfside Way, visit Arco Professional Safety Services.

*In store only. Excludes training courses.

Arco Leads the Way in Ethical Sales with Prestigious Award

24 January 2022

Arco, the UK's leading safety products and services company, has been awarded the prestigious Investor in Sales Award from the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP), recognising the commitment the company has made to ensuring its sales staff provide a professional and ethical service to its customers.

With a deep commitment to keeping people safe at work and as the first company in its sector to achieve this award, Arco continues to lead the way in ensuring that everyone goes home safely at the end of the working day.

The award and Arco's investment in training and development of its sales colleagues, ensures that the business trades ethically in what and how it sells its products and services. Arco sales teams also gain safety credentials through the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, meaning they can support customers with expert knowledge and advice, making Arco the responsible choice of safety partner.

To achieve the team award, individual salespeople were required to pass a demanding exam in order to be registered on the ISP's professional register. This is not just a 'one off' investment, as those on the register are required to pass a new exam after two years in order to retain their accreditation. Arco has also signed up to become a corporate member of the ISP.

Bryan Lawrie, Commercial Director at Arco, said:

"Receiving this award is a fantastic achievement for Arco and is fitting recognition of the business' efforts in developing a highly skilled sales team that is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers, lives up to our ethos of being experts in safety and makes us the responsible choice of safety partner."

Patrick Joiner, Managing Director of the Institute of Sales Professionals, said:

"Congratulations to the hardworking and dedicated salespeople at Arco for achieving their first Investor in Sales award. Their commitment to professional development and ethical business behaviour sends a strong message to their customers that they are credible, trustworthy business partners. The Institute of Sales Professionals is delighted to be working with Arco to help them foster talented, dependable salespeople and we wish them every success."

Darren Ford, Head of Organisation Development and Learning and Development at Arco, said:

"As a business, Arco is fully committed to being ethical in what we sell and how we sell. That is why we are proud to be a corporate member of the Institute of Sales Professionals and by ensuring our sales colleagues undertake regular accreditation and learning as part of their continued professional development."

  • Arco Announces Exclusive Partnership with FLX Health to launch the unique FLX Physio App

    14 January 2022

    Arco, the UK's leading health and safety company, has announced an exciting partnership with FLX Health, to become the exclusive UK reseller of the FLX app, a targeted physiotherapy app that works to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace and rehabilitate employees more quickly when they arise.

    Musculoskeletal Disorders are a Leading Cause of Lost Working Days

    MSDs are a leading cause of occupational ill health in Great Britain, accounting for 30% of all work-related ill health cases and 27% of lost working days. Affecting 14.9 million people nationally, MSDs cost the NHS over £5 billion per-year for treatment and support. As a growing issue that exists in many work environments, the FLX app empowers individuals to self-manage low grade pain and injuries through behavioural change and correcting biomechanical function, reducing the need for face-to-face and online physiotherapy appointments. The FLX app will also help employers boost productivity, reduce sick days and keep their workforce healthy, happy and active.

    Already Reducing the Cost of Musculoskeletal Disorders

    The FLX app works in two ways, accelerating the process of recovery, and preventing injury by detecting and correcting biomechanical issues. For example, during a three-month trial conducted with the South Yorkshire Police Force, MSDs were reduced by 64% and the rate of absenteeism due to MSDs was reduced from 43 to 18 days per month. This trial amongst 237 police workers, resulted in savings of £65,000 a year. When scaled across all staff within the Force, the calculated savings could reach £1.4m a year. In a similar trial with 480 workers at Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, days lost due to low level back pain reduced by 52%.

    A New Way to Protect your People

    The FLX app is available via subscription on mobile devices. Users can opt to use the Pain Programme to aid existing problems through corrective exercises and self-management advice or the Biomechanics Programme to help prevent future pain and injuries. The app uses clinically proven algorithms developed over 15 years to identify an individual's biomechanical profile through a series of screening tests to suggest a course of personalised physiotherapy exercises. The app learns and adjusts the programme to address users' continuously evolving biomechanical needs.

    Click here for more information about the FLX app.

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  • Arco Response to High Court Ruling on Pandemic PPE Procurement

    13 January 2022

    Arco, the UK's leading safety company, is pleased to see that the High Court has ruled that the "VIP fast-track lane" for awarding PPE contracts to those with political connections was unlawful.

    Throughout the early stages of the pandemic, there were examples of PPE supply contracts being awarded opaquely to organisations with no history or experience of PPE manufacture and supply, who were ultimately unable to fulfil orders as they had imported inappropriate or non-compliant products, increasing the risk to the public, care home staff and NHS workers.

    Arco recognises the fact that, when the pandemic broke out, the Government was dealing with an unprecedented situation and an urgent need to scale up procurement in an extremely fast-moving environment, in which a finite supply of PPE had to be matched with an almost-infinite global demand with millions of lives at stake. In such a situation it was inevitable that mistakes would be made.

    We at Arco have always felt that it was important to learn from what went wrong and to take steps to rectify these.

    Last year, Arco launched a campaign to raise awareness of these issues and produced a position paper Personal Protective Equipment and the Government's Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    This paper shared Arco's experiences and proposed a 10-point set of recommendations to prevent a repeat of the high-profile issues that were seen during the first wave of the crisis and to ensure the country is better protected in any future pandemic.

    Arco's Chairman, Thomas Martin, gave evidence to the Public Accounts Committee on Arco's experience at the start of the pandemic and its findings.

    Arco acknowledges the positive and constructive way in which the Department for Health and Social Care has engaged with the content of the position paper, and asks Ministers to consider its remaining recommendations, particularly the call for a register of accredited Category II and III suppliers. This will ensure we can all be better prepared for any future emergencies.

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  • Season's Greetings from our Managing Director

    21 December 2021

    With the festive season upon us, it feels like an appropriate time to reflect on what has been another challenging and unpredictable year, both for Arco and our customers.

    For many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to be the most prominent issue to contend with.

    As experts in safety, Arco has taken a proactive approach in supporting the country's response to the pandemic - from supplying PPE to frontline workers and critical industries to providing expert advice on the UK's future preparedness for emergencies through the publication of a position paper and by giving evidence to the Public Accounts Committee.

    Away from Covid-19, several notable milestones have been achieved at Arco over the past 12 months from the opening of our new safety centre in Linlithgow, Scotland, to the completion of our new office and collaborative workspace at Blackfriargate in Hull. We have also launched our new website and e-commerce platform as part of our digital programme.

    Arco has also been verified carbon neutral for its direct and indirect emissions from energy use in its UK operations, marking a key moment in our journey and commitment to becoming net zero by 2045.

    As a family-business, we have also continued to support communities across the country through sponsorships, grants, charitable donations and colleague engagement as part of our CSR programme.

    It seems fitting that on the note of community and charity, I offer you, our customers, my greetings for the season.

    From me and all colleagues at Arco, I would like to wish you, your families and friends, a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

    David Evison, Managing Director

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