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The Difference Between Life and Death is a Workplace Defibrillator

Great savings on defibrillators this season

Making your workplace safer this season

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of premature death, but with immediate treatment many lives can be saved. Defibrillation is a crucial stage in a sequence of events that need to occur for resuscitation of a victim of SCA. If defibrillation is delivered within 3-5 minutes of collapse, survival rates can be as high as a 50-70% - View all products.

First Aid Defibrillators

*Terms and conditions apply. Discount now extended to the 31st December. Discount refers to full list price excluding VAT and any special offer pricing. Prices shown on this page, reflect any discount applied. Defibrillators included in the offer: 55G0001, 55G0011, 55G0016, 55G0101, 55G0806, 55G0111, 55G0112, 55G0113, 55G0114, 55G0702, 55G0703, 55G0704.